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How to Make the Best Drinks in Trentino

Trentodoc, aka Bollincine da Montagna aka Mountain Bubbles aka the splendid sparkling wine, is the most famous of all of Trentino’s drinks and one that should be enjoyed as much as you can while visiting this northern Italian region of Trentino. Trentodoc is, and always has been, made in the Méthode Traditionnelle – just like Champagne in France.  On today’s episode, we meet two gentlemen who are making Trentodoc. First is Matteo Covazzi from Mezzacorona, the second largest producer of Trentodoc in Trentino. Then we have Andrea Luchetta telling the tale of Bellaveder, a smaller producer of Trentodoc.

Trentodoc might get all the fanfare, still, there are so many other spirits in Trentino to shout about! Grappa is another typical Trentino spirit and we have Michele Dolzan, from the world famous Villa De Varda grappa distillery, to join us. Last on today’s episode, we finish with Mead, that alcoholic honey confection, which Andrea Paternoster is making in the Trentodoc method.  See how difficult it is to choose what to drink in Trentino! Thank goodness when you’re there, you can have a glass of each at every meal!

Another wonderful product that’s made in Trentino is Rose Syrup – get the recipe and watch the video of how it’s made at Lush Life Recipes.

For more information and links to all the producers mentioned in the podcast, please head to My Lush Guide of Trentino!

I was a guest of Visit Trentino and Traverse I cannot thank them enough for introducing me to Trentino and all her amazing spirit producers! What a fabulous trip.

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