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Lush Guide to Gin Bothy Smoked Gin

Smoky is an adjective usually reserved for the best of Scottish single malts, now it can be rightly used for one of Scotland’s most unique gins. Get it while you can, only 250 bottles of this 1st edition Gin Bothy Smoked Gin have been produced.

Gin Bothy Bottle

Based in the Angus Glens of Scotland, Gin Bothy is one of Scotland’s premium gin brands. Always innovating, Gin Bothy may have hit on the most Scottish of all their expressions. 

Smoking botanicals has to be done right, so they reached out to Alex Spink and Sons who have been making smokies in Arbroath since 1977. Substitute haddock for juniper, orange peel, coriander and lemon, smoke them using traditional smoking methods, and then let the distillation process do its thing and you have Gin Bothy’s Smoked Gin.

Smoked Gin Bothy 1

Kim Cameron, Gin Bothy Founder, explained, “From croft to coast, from hillside to pier-side, the roots of the bothy heritage extend far and strong. Its spirit echoes along our shores and deep into our fishing communities, and so making a gin that is very much a love story between Scotland’s produce and the iconic bothy smokehouses felt like a very natural next step.

“The smoking of ingredients and products has long been part of Scottish culture.  The bothy smokehouses dotted along the North East coasts offer culinary secrets from recipes of old and it is here that we created our smoked gin.” 

How does Gin Bothy Smoked Gin taste

Ice cold, neat and accompanying my Scottish smoked salmon is how I want to drink Gin Bothy Smoked Gin!

  • Color: Clear
  • Nose: Surprisingly subtle smoke on the nose with slight juniper and lemon zest.
  • Taste: Since the nose was less smoky than I had envisioned, I was not surprised when the taste was not so smoky. What the smoke did was bring out all the citrus notes – the burnt orange, the lemon peel – which would make it fabulous in a Gin Fizz or a Tom Collins.
  • Finish: The burnt orange lingers on and makes you really want another sip.
  • Alcohol: 41%

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Where you can buy Gin Bothy Smoked Gin

Gin Bothy Bottle

UK: You can only find it here on their wesbite!

USA: Sorry – not in the USA yet!

Try one of these Gin Bothy cocktails:

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