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Brandy Cocktails

Lush Guide to St-Rémy Brandy Finished in Calvados Casks

St-Rémy Brandy has released its newest expression, ‘Finished in Calvados Casks’, as part of its

How to Make the Chicago Cocktail

The Windy City, the heart of American, one of the greatest cities in the United


How to Make the Bardinet Brandy Iced Vanilla Latte

The Bardinet Brandy Iced Vanilla Latte is a delicious iced coffee cocktail that’s perfect for

How to Make the Bardinet Brandy Bardin-itz

The Bardin-itz is an elegant and refreshing spritz that showcases the soft fruity notes of

How to Make the Stinger Cocktail

The Stinger cocktail is one of the classics! It might not be so popular today,

How to Make the Japanese Cocktail

You might think, given the name, that the Japanese Cocktail originated in Japan. Hate to