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How to Make Roe & Co Irish Whiskey Recipes

Roe & Co Recipes

Here below are 6 easy cocktail recipes that were developed by former guests European brand ambassador Peter O’Connor and and Diageo Reserve GB whisky ambassador Ali Reynolds for Irish whiskey Roe & Co. Crafted to highlight and showcase Irish whiskey, the drinks also celebrate the fresh flavour with light mixers and ingredients to complement the blend.

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Roe & Co - The Tower

The Tower

A long drink served in our Signature Copper Pear or in a long glass.


50 ml Roe & Co
15ml Spiced Pear Shrub
20ml lemon
Soda water top


Garnish with dehydrated pears and served in Roe & Co copper vessel.

Roe & Co Whiskey - Peaches & Cream

Peaches & Cream

Full of flavour, the Peaches & Cream is a peach sour served straight up in a Nick & Nora glass.


50ml Roe & Co
30ml Peach Puree
25ml Lemon juice
1 Bar spoon of lavender infused honey
25 Egg whites
Chocolate pinch


Shaken and served in a Nick & Nora glass. Garnished with bee pollen, bitters and cut flower.

Roe & Co Whiskey - The Fancy Co

The Fancy Co

The Roe & Co. Champagne Serve.


20ml Roe & Co
10ml Pear liqueur
50ml Champagne Brut
2 drops of absinthe
Dash of spiced gomme / atomizer of spiced pear water


Served in a champagne flute and aromatized with edible pear perfume

Roe & Co Whiskey - Roe Sour

Roe Sour

The Roe & Co Sour is a traditional whiskey sour served neat in stemmed glass or on the rocks in a rocks glass


50ml Roe & Co
30ml Lemon Juice
5ml Sugar Syrup
Egg White


Dry shake all ingredients. Once shaken dry, fill shaker with ice and shake again. Strain into serving glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

Roe & Co Whiskey - Roe & Roots

Roe & Roots

A long drink served with cloudy apple juice & chilled soda water. It brings out the orchard notes of Roe & Co.


50ml Roe & Co
25ml Cloudy Apple Juice
100ml Premium Soda Water


Served in a highball glass. Garnished with sliced pear.

Roe & Co Whiskey - Roe & Coffee

Roe & Coffee

Roe & Co is perfect for a true Irish Coffee with full depth of flavour that creates a perfect, full flavoured Irish coffee.


35ml Roe & Co
Fresh cold brew coffee
1 brown sugar


Take an Irish coffee glass and add one cup of cold brew coffee. Add one brown sugar and 35.5ml of Roe & Co Irish whiskey. Stir to dissolve the sugar and garnish with 3 coffee beans.

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