Peter O’Connor, Roe & Co – How to honor an Irish Whiskey legend

Peter O’Connor, Roe & Co – How to honor an Irish Whiskey legend

From a part-time job as a lounge boy in a pub, our guest today caught the hospitality bug and he never looked back. Peter O’Connor, the now legendary European Brand Ambassador of Roe & Co Irish Whiskey, went on from collecting glasses to collecting awards.

From head bartender for the swanky Morgan Hotel to the first Irish brand ambassador for Diageo, Peter has been the first in everything he attempts though hard work and passion.  When he got the chance to develop Roe & Co from its inception, he couldn’t turn that down. He sits down with me to tell us of his journey around the world and finally coming home to Dublin.

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Next episode we’ll be in the wilds of Northumberland with Valentine Warner who has left the kitchen for a little while to follow the woodland spirits! Come join us then.

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