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Lush Guide to Asolo Prosecco

Love your bubbles? Then a visit to try Asolo Prosecco in situ is a must. Nestled in the heart of Italy’s Veneto region, these vineyards offer an insight and exploration of the art of prosecco making. Make your base the historic (and delightful) town of Asolo! From there, you can easily visit the vineyards that produce the bubbles that become Asolo Prosecco!

Lush Guide to Asolo Prosecco, Italy

Where is Asolo, Italy

Asolo is in the Veneto region of Northern Italy at the foot of the Dolomite Mountains and home to many vineyards and wineries that produce some of the best prosecco in the world.

Known as the “Pearl of Treviso,” the town of Asolo dates back to Roman times and has been enchanting artists, writers, and travelers for centuries. Perched atop a hill, Asolo offers panoramic vistas of the surrounding countryside, including the vineyards that produce Asolo Prosecco.

Having been ruled by various civilizations over the centuries, including the Romans, the Lombards, and the Venetians, the architecture of Asolo is a mix of historic palaces, medieval churches, and Renaissance villas. It’s not hard to understand why literary legends such as Freya Stark, Eleanora Dusa, Robert Browning and others sought solace and inspiration within its confines.

Asolo from the Castle

How to Get to the Asolo Prosecco area

Getting to Asolo is relatively easy by any means. If you really want to explore the area, then you will need to rent a car, book a tour (see below) or arrange a car and driver!

By Plane

The most convenient airport is the international Marco Polo Airport in Venice, approximately 70 kilometers away, due to the frequency off flights in and out of that airport. From the airport, visitors can take a taxi or a bus to reach Asolo. Alternatively, you can also fly into Treviso Airport, which is closer at about 40 kilometers away, but fewer flights come into Treviso, than Venice.

By Train

Asolo does not have a train station, but you can take a train to the nearby cities of Bassano del Grappa or Castelfranco Veneto and then take a bus or a taxi to reach Asolo.

By Car

Driving to Asolo is a great option. The town is located just off the A27 motorway, which connects Venice with Belluno. Visitors can rent a car at the airport or in the nearby cities and drive to Asolo.

By Bus

There are several bus companies that operate in the Veneto region, and visitors can take a bus from Venice, Treviso, or other nearby cities to reach Asolo. The bus station in Asolo is located in Piazza Garibaldi, which is in the center of town.

Asolo Prosecco types

What is Asolo Prosecco exactly

Prosecco is a type of Italian sparkling wine that must be made from at least 85% Glera grapes. It is produced in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions of Italy, primarily in the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOCG and the Asolo Prosecco DOCG regions.

Typically made using the Charmat method, this prosecco production process involves fermenting the wine in large tanks rather than in the bottle. This method produces a wine that is lighter and fruitier than traditional Champagne, with a lower alcohol content and softer bubbles.

Prosecco is available in a range of styles, from brut (dry) to extra dry and even sweeter versions, which I love. It is often enjoyed as an aperitif or really any time you wish!

Asolo Prsecco Grapes

What make Asolo Prosecco Different

Asolo Prosecco is a specific type of prosecco that is produced only in the Asolo regions. To be labelled as Asolo Prosecco DOCG, the wine must follow strict rules and regulations set by the Italian government. Here are some of the key rules of Asolo Prosecco DOCG:

  • Grapes: The wine must be made from at least 85% Glera grapes, with the remaining 15% made up of other permitted grape varieties.
  • Vineyard: The grapes must be grown in the Asolo region, which includes 19 municipalities in the province of Treviso.
  • Production: The wine must be produced using the Charmat method, which involves a secondary fermentation in stainless steel tanks.
  • Alcohol content: The wine must have an alcohol content of between 11% and 12.5%.
  • Labelling: The wine must be labelled with the Asolo Prosecco DOCG designation and the name of the producer.

By following these rules, Asolo Prosecco DOCG ensures that the wine is of the highest quality and reflects the unique terroir of the Asolo region.

You will always know Asolo Prosecco by its label!

Giusti Wine with Chiesa

Asolo Prosecco Vineyards to Visit

Now it’s time to head to one or many of the vineyards! There are a lot to choose from and all set in the beauty of the Veneto countryside. I was there for five days and was able to see about a few more than one a day.

Your hotel concierge can easily organize a car and driver if you do not wish to do it yourself. Make sure to find out if the vineyard you are visiting has a restaurant – eating overlooking the vineyards is a treat not to miss! I also have a list of great restaurants below.

Tenuta Progress

Tenuta d’Asolo Progress Country & Wine House

Tenuta d’Asolo Progress Country & Wine House is not only a wonderful producer of prosecco, but also a hotel! Dennis Borden is the mastermind behind Progress, which opened its doors 10 years ago. The vineyard is located right outside of Asolo, and visitors can enjoy a guided tour of the vineyard and wine tasting sessions. It’s also a great base to see the other vineyards in the area!

Giusti Wine

Giusti Wine

Ermenegildo Giusti, the visionary behind Giusti Wines, embarked on his Asolo Prosecco journey when he returned from Canada, after living and working there most of his life. With an unwavering commitment to preserving the traditions of prosecco making, he has created an incredible vineyard and fabulous state-of-the-art winery which you can visit! Of course, the wines are fantastic, but the building is super cool with vineyards even on the roof!

You can also stay overnight or for a meal in the gorgeous Country House Giusti Abazia sitting right below the glorious ruins of the Abbazia di Sant’Eustachio!

  • Giusti Wine, Via Arditi, 14/A, 31040 Nervesa della Battaglia TV, Italy
Dal Bello

Dal Bello Winery

Dal Bello Winery is a beautiful vineyard that is located in the hills of Asolo near Fonte. Visitors can enjoy a guided tour of the vineyard and wine tasting sessions. From June 2023, the Dal Bello opened the first Percorso della Viticoltura Asoloana (or Path of Asolo Viticulture), a literal path through the Colle Sant’Anna (Sant’Anna hills) which for is the home of the wines produced by the Dal Bello winery.

The guided route is about 1.5 kilometer and takes you through vineyards, olive trees and cherry trees owned by the family for three generations. At the end, you arrive at the Casa Dal Bello, the old family home, and of course you enjoy a tasting of sparkling Asolo Prosecco DOCG, home-produced oil, Asolan bread and Monte grappa cheese and visit to the Dal Bello winery!

  • Dal Bello, Via Colombera, 2, 31011 Asolo TV, Italy
Villa Sandi

Villa Sandi

You won’t want to miss a visit to the gorgeous Palladian-style villa that is home to the Villa Sandi vineyard! Guided tours take visitors through sprawling gardens, ornate interiors, and vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see. The wine cellars lie nestled beneath the villa and after the tour through the maze of prosecco, you get to taste that very prosecco!

Don’t miss their restaurant (see below) and also the shop full of beauty treats made from grapes!

  • Villa Sandi, Via Erizzo, 113/a, 31035 Crocetta del Montello TV, Italy
Loredan Gasperini

Loredan Gasparini Winery

The Loredan Gasparini winery is located in tiny town called Venegazzù of Volpago del Montello. It was founded in the 1950s by Count Piero Loredan, direct descendant of the Doge of Venice, Leonardo Loredan, but has since been owned by Giancarlo Palla. The area has historically always been very well known for the production of wines. In fact, it’s said that the name Venegazzù means the abundance of vines.

One of the special characteristics of the Montello area is that it is on an earthquake fault which creates a special microclimate and soil. Because of that, the Loredan Gasparini winery had the opportunity to have their own certification, in addition to the Asolo Prosecco DOCG. They are permitted to call their wines “Venegazzù.” In fact, they actually have the first bottle of Asolo Prosecco DOCG as well. In 2009 when the denomination was created, they were the first winery to produce the first ever bottle of the DOCG and they kept it!

Asolo 1

Other Hotels to Stay in Asolo

Asolo has many options for accommodations, including staying at one or more of the vineyards I mention above, but one hotel deserves a special mention!

Hotel Villa Cipriani

One of the most luxurious hotels in Asolo is Hotel Villa Cipriani, located just a short walk from the town center. It was originally built during in the 16th C, but was purchased by the English Romantic poet, Robert Browning in 1889. Its next most illustrious owner was Rupert Guinness in 1962.

Guinness had the foresight to arrange for Giuseppe Cipriani of Harry’s Bar in Venice fame to recreate it as a hotel. It’s set in a beautiful garden perfect for long lunches of Bellinis (made with prosecco!) and risi bisi! It’s really not to be missed if you are staying in Asolo!

Locanda Sandi

The restaurants to accompany your Asolo Prosecco!

I think we now know that Asolo is renowned for its prosecco, but there are also a number of places in the area that are not to be missed for their food! Here are a few that are worth checking out:

They all serve Asolo Prosecco!

Asolo Prosecco area

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular Asolo Prosecco cocktail recipes?

Asolo Prosecco can also be used to create a variety of cocktails if you are not drinking it straight. One of the most popular is the Aperol Spritz, which combines prosecco with Aperol and soda water. Another popular recipe is the Bellini, with its mix of prosecco with local white peach puree. For another refreshing summer cocktail, I love the Northern Italian born Hugo, which is a melee of elderflower syrup, soda, lime, mint, and, of course, prosecco.

Are there any guided tours of the Asolo Prosecco vineyards?

Yes, there are several guided tours of Asolo area. Here are a few that could be interesting!


Why Lush Life Loves Asolo Prosecco

Overall, Asolo is a great destination for Prosecco enthusiasts who want to taste some of the finest Proseccos in the world. Each vineyards offer visitors a different experience, but each teach the their own prosecco-making process and offer tastes some of the best Asolo Prosecco.

Of course, with its Palladian villas on each corner, it’s tough not to adore the landscape of Asolo and its surrounding areas. Make sure you don’t miss Palladio’s masterpiece the Villa Barbaro at Maser or the Museo Gypsotheca Antonio Canova, which holds some of the greatest works of Venice’s great sculptor.

The Asolo hills are a celebration of Italy’s winemaking heritage. So raise your glass and toast to a centuries-old tradition in those bubbles.

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