Scott Lever, Chivas Regal, London – How to Start Your Career Right

Scott Lever, Chivas Regal, London – How to Start Your Career Right

So you want to be a Brand Ambassador? You can get there a variety of ways: bartending, competition winning, or by applying to the Chivas International Graduate Programme like our guest today, Scott Lever, Chivas Regal Brand Ambassador.  A year into the program and his enthusiasm is palpable.

It’s not hard to be excited when you are working for a brand loved as much as Chivas Regal. One of the top-selling whiskies worldwide, Chivas was beloved, not only by Queen Victoria, but also the Chairman of the Board, aka Frank Sinatra, and his whole rat pack. You can’t get much cooler than that!

Where you can hear me drinking next:

I just came back from Kentucky and let me tell you I cannot get enough of Whiskey – Scottish or American!

But sometimes you need a break, so next week we fly to France – more specifically to the Savoie Mont Blanc region, to taste a few wines from that area and meet a few of their producers.

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