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PARADISO Presents the Third Edition of the Sustainability Summit this March 2024

Paradiso, Barcelona, for years a pioneer of sustainability, presents the third edition of the Sustainability Summit. Taking place on Sunday, March 17th, and Monday, March 18th, this two-day event is dedicated to fostering awareness within the industry and proving that Sustainable Mixology is Possible!

Paradiso Sustainability Summit

Barcelona, Spring 2024. Sustainability Summit, the Paradiso event that debuted in 2022 and quickly established itself as a hub for exchanging experiences and tools aimed at making the industry more sustainable, is now in its third edition. A two-day event organized by Giacomo Giannotti, founder and owner of Paradiso, and his team, it will be held in the city of Barcelona on Sunday 17th, and Monday 18th of March 2024.

The first Sustainability Summit was held in April 2022 and hosted three international bartenders pioneering green initiatives, and its second edition, in March 2023, welcomed 5 international bars.

Thanks to the success of the first two editions this year the format will be repeated, improved, and extended; get ready for two immersive days of events full of many surprises: Pop-up bars, seminars, panel discussions, partnerships, and activities focused on promoting sustainability within the industry and the local community.

Paradiso will invite the best bars in the world – internationals, and locals – all with a robust approach towards sustainability, to share their insights and experiences, and to inspire the industry during the two-day event.


The event will take place in a unique location in Barcelona: Palo Alto – an indoor and outdoor place chosen for its approach to helping the local communities. The venue enables the creation of different spaces and atmospheres, including two stages for masterclasses, seminars, and workshops; an outdoor area with food trucks and the pop-ups of the international and local bars serving cocktails all day long; designated chilling and lounge areas, with DJ set; and a sustainable market section where partners and local sustainable organizations will showcase projects and host interactive activities.

Each bar participant will create a cocktail list of 2 cocktails that will be available for the entire event, including 1 low ABV drink, to give the possibility to all cocktail lovers to taste the delicious creations of some of the best mixologists in the industry.

Paradiso Sustainability Summit in Barcelona wants to be a hub for the industry worldwide, a space to exchange ideas, tools, experiences, and knowledge about the possibility and importance of incorporating sustainable practices in the bar industry. The event aims to inspire and open a dialogue, capable of generating awareness and change, raising consciousness in the bar industry toward a more sustainable world. Paradiso’s goal is to showcase that Sustainable Mixology is not just a concept but a tangible and achievable reality. This edition of Paradiso Sustainability Summit 24, will cover themes like Zero Waste, Water use, Mental health, Upskilling within the sector, Equality, Upcycling, Recycling, and more.

For me, sustainability means trying to waste as little as possible and transforming residues into materials that can be re-used at the bar. But also creating a strong community of people who want to keep improving and helping each other. In an industry like ours, this might seem like an unattainable goal, but with the right mindset and the right people, there is always a way.” says Giacomo Giannotti, owner and founder of Paradiso.

The entire event will be open to the public and cocktail lovers who want to learn more and discover the possibilities of sustainable mixology, have a good time, and discover the delicious drinks created for the event.
The tickets to the event are now available to purchase, only online: on Paradiso’s website or Instagram page, and on Eventbrite. The number of tickets will be limited and available until sold out.


During the 2 days of the event, some of the World’s leading bars in the industry will share their experiences and approach to sustainability.

The International Bars: 

Alquimico, Cartagena (winners of the 50BestBars sustainable bar award); Carnaval, Lima; Freni e Frizioni, Rome; Himkok, Oslo (winners of the 50BestBars sustainable bar award); Line, Athens; The Bar in Front of The Bar, Athens; Tres Monos, Buenos Aires.

The Spanish Bars: 

Angelita, Madrid; Creps al Born, Barcelona; Dr. Stravinsky, Barcelona; Monk, Barcelona; Paradiso, Barcelona.


Barcelona for the event will become the capital of sustainability,  with a program full of cultural initiatives, recreational activities, Masterclass, and Seminars.

The agenda of the event is available and continuously updated on the Eventbrite page.

*Please note that the agenda is still a work in progress, and timing or details could still change up to the date of the event

Additionally, for the entire week, starting from Thursday, the 14th until Wednesday 20th, a few selected cocktail bars in Barcelona will create and add to their menu 1 exclusive Ketel One Garnished with Good cocktail crafted specifically for Paradiso Sustainability Summit 2024

All the Garnished with Good cocktails sold by the selected bars of the city and by Paradiso during the Sustainability Summit will contribute to an initiative designed to create jobs and provide income for those in need around Barcelona, as well as shine a spotlight on them. The Cocktails with Ketel One Vodka will include a bespoke Syrup produced and bottled by local people seeking employment in the hospitality industry but have faced barriers to education and employment in their lives. Those people will be supported by Ketel One, and they will be trained by Paradiso in the advanced techniques needed to make these syrups using ingredients grown by small local producers.


The event’s Main Sponsor will be Ketel One Vodka, a family-made brand from the Netherlands that deeply cares about pushing cocktail culture forward while positively impacting their communities. Ketel One Vodka is passionate about spotlighting the movers and shakers in the industry that make a positive difference in their communities through the initiative Garnished with Good, and the creator of the 50 Best Bars Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award. 

Giacomo and Ketel One agree that the experience of enjoying a cocktail becomes even more satisfying knowing that the commitment taken by the bar is a step towards doing good in communities around the world. Ketel One Garnished with Good initiative brings bars and bartenders together to use their cocktails to create a positive impact on the community through innovative concepts, ingredient choices, cocktail methods, and social projects that uplift and support people. Throughout this year’s Sustainability Summit and in selected bars around the city of Barcelona, each Ketel One cocktail will not just taste good, but also positively contribute to the community of Barcelona.

Throughout this year’s Sustainability Summit and in selected bars around the city of Barcelona each Ketel One cocktail will not just taste good, but also positively contribute to the community of Barcelona.

Paradiso and Ketel One Vodka are bringing to life their shared vision of cocktails that not only taste

good, but also do good.

Paradiso and sustainability

Paradiso is located in Barcelona’s historic Born district. Opened in 2015, it was crowned the best bar in the world according to the famous The World’s 50 Best Bar ranking in 2022.

Since the opening, Giacomo Giannotti, owner and founder, and his team have embarked on a path of constant development and innovation, investing a lot of energy in researching methods and techniques to improve and optimize the use of each ingredient, in all its parts. The ultimate goal is to be able to be a bar as sustainable as possible. Challenging but certainly not impossible.

Over the years the use of plastic inside the bar has been reduced almost completely: the plastic straws have been replaced with biodegradable and eco-friendly straws, the transparent film and the warehouse wrappers abolished in favor of sheets of waxed paper, reusable and therefore more sustainable. Currently, Paradiso produces around 30 kg of plastic waste per month, which will be processed and transformed into objects like bottle openers, trays, boxes, plates and coasters, ashtrays, straw holders. Anything that can be created to optimize every resource and reduce waste. 

In 2023 Paradiso officially opened the new Paradiso Waste Lab, a physical space where the team can experiment and recycle first hand. The Lab aims to reduce the impact on the environment, but also to raise awareness and show that it only takes a few small steps to help our Planet, opening the doors to all those bars and venues that want to embrace the no-waste philosophy. 

‘We try to optimize every resource and reduce waste. All the coasters, straws, and trays were created by recycling waste from the bar,’ says Giacomo

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