No 5 Alive by Tomas Cisty & Francesco Macera

No 5 Alive by Tomas Cisty & Francesco Macera

No 5 Alive

July 24, 2018


  • 35ml Portobello Ginstitute lemongrass gin by Tomas Cisty
  • 10ml No 5. based pine syrup
  • 40ml Clarified gooseberry juice
  • Top up with Peter Spanton No5 Lemongrass tonic
  • Step 1 Build in slim collins glass
  • Step 2 Fill half the glass of frozen gooseberries & half with ice (frozen gooseberries chill the drink and also add flavor)

To make the other ingredients:

  • Portobello Ginstitute lemongrass gin

Go to Portobello Road Ginstitute, London
Hand made/small batch – 70cl/42%

Juniper Berry 40%,
Coriander Seed 10%,
Angelica Root 3%,
Orris Root 3%,
Lemon Grass 6%,
Lemon Peel 3%,
Wormwood 3%,
Pink Peppercorn 2%,
Cardomom Pods 1%,

  • No.5 Lemongrass tonic based pine syrup

3 Parts No5 tonic to 2 sugar +Douglass pine fir

  • Clarified gooseberry juice

English gooseberries – Juiced & micro filtered

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