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How to Make a 600 Year Old Recipe Post-Modern with Yolande De Bueil & Marc Jean, Bénédictine

Yolande de Bueil & Marc Jean, Bénédictine, Fécamp, France

Alexandre Le Grand could teach us all a lesson or two on brand awareness. Lesson 1 – find a 300 year old recipe. Lesson 2 – remake it for today’s palate, Lesson 3 – Market the hell out of it. His first trick was copyrighting every aspect of Bénédictine – the recipe, the bottle, the label. He even created a Palais to go with his liqueur, producing it within a museum open to everyone to visit if they happened to be in Fécamp, France. A marketing genius and it all happened in the 1800’s.

I visited the Palais Benedictine to see for myself what Monsieur Le Grand had created. Today’s guest Yolande De Bueil, the Histoire de Maison, is here to give us a quick history lesson on the house that Monsieur Le Grand built. One thing wasn’t invented in the 1800s and that was mixology. Marc Jean, head bartender for Hotel Normandy Barriere and founder of the Bénédictine Mixology Workshop, is also on hand to reveal that Bénédictine is not just for sipping.

Read my Lush Guide to Fecamp and then make the Monk’s Sour – a cocktail recipe with Bénédictine!

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