How to Use Linden Leaf Cocktail Elements

How to Use Linden Leaf Cocktail Elements

Linden Leaf have made it even easier for me to make my Old Fashioned!

No longer do I have to worry about having an orange lying in the bottom of fridge drawer. Linden Leaf has made it so easy. They have created a range of cocktail atomisers for all those times I don’t have a fresh lime, lemon, or orange in the house! I have never seen anything like this!

They have developed a patented proprietary chilled distillation extraction method to capture the peak season, organic flavour of each fruit, suspending these essences in alcohol rather than oil. 

Each bottle can garnish over 80 drinks, making it super sustainable and a money saver as well! Perfect for the Home Bartender!

Don’t miss checking out their Molecular Distilled Spirits as well. They have developed a few cocktail recipes with Max Venning of the incredible Three Sheets Bar in London to go with these:

Linden Leaf Cocktail Elements Orange, Lime and Lemon are available in 20ml format from TheWhiskyExchange for £9.95.

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