Lagoon Spritz by Justus Hoffstaedter, Hotel Heureka, Venice

Lagoon Spritz by Justus Hoffstaedter, Hotel Heureka, Venice

I was lucky enough to meet Russell Norman, the founder of Polpo restaurants in London and author of several books on Venice, before my trip to visit The Hotel Heureka to interview Justus. Our conversation led to a discussion of the Aperol Spritz and how it conquered the world. He said some Venetians were rebelling against it and have taken up the Cynar Spritz instead.  

(Oh and by the way, Russell and I dubbed it the Lagoon Spritz!!)

Lagoon Spritz

June 19, 2018


  • 6 cl White wine (or Prosecco)
  • 3 cl Cynar
  • Dash of club soda
  • Slice of lemon
  • Green olive
  • Step 1 Add 3 cl of Cynar to a glass of ice
  • Step 2 Add the white wine or Prosecco
  • Step 3 Top up with a dash of club soda
  • Step 4 Garnish with a slice of lemon
  • Step 5 Add a green olive

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