How to run a successful bar in Charleston

How to run a successful bar in Charleston

Charleston is the hottest town in America right now. Don’t trust me – it’s making the top ten of every magazine, every newspaper, and every guide, whether it’s the food, the charm, the history or the bars! We are joined by three guests who are leading the charge when it comes to creating the cocktails that are making those lists.

Walking into Proof, on trendy King Street, run by our first guest Craig Nelson, you are greeted by an absinthe fountain on the bar. Somehow this assures me that you are to find some of the most creative cocktails in town. His award-winning reputation proceeds him as one of the great Charleston mixologists. Justin Simko, the Bar Manager of the Bar at Husk, is our second guest and he is out to prove that local ingredients are just as important to cocktails as they are to food. Last is our guest, Ashley Dods, Dining Room Manager of the phenomenal FIG restaurant. She is here to explain how the drinks service complements Chef Mike Lata’s legendary cuisine.

Make our Cocktail of the Week – The Cheshire Cat by bartender Nikki Fairman for FIG, Charleston – it changes color!


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Who’s on tap next:

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