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How to Make a Cocktail With Only Sparkling Water

Only have sparkling water in house?  That is fine for these spirits – mix with soda water and you have one great drink so easily!

Sparkling water cocktails

Cocktails Made with Sparkling Water


VITA Vodka

Premium Mediterranean vodka, VITA, is the world’s first vodka specifically made to be mixed with water, for the perfect refreshing summer sip. The light citrus-infused spirit is made using natural ingredients sourced from the sun-drenched Mediterranean region. Triple distilled, it has a light, fresh, citrus notes which make it perfect with water – still or sparkling – for a simple drink that’s packed full of flavour with no sugar, additives or artificial flavours.

Drink: 25ml VITA Vodka, 200ml Soda Water, Pour the VITA Vodka over large ice cubes. Top with soda water and garnish with an orange slice

Available from: Amazon (UK only)

Glasshouse Highball

Glasshouse Whisky

Glasshouse Whisky, a bright and fruity spirit specifically designed for long drinks, is making its debut and breaking the traditional stereotypes associated with Scotch. Glasshouse is blended with the whisky highball in mind – a mix of whisky and soda water – making it perfect for sharing with friends at dinner parties and summer barbecues in a fresh, long drink.

Drink: 25ml Glasshouse, top with soda water, served long over ice.

Available from: Master Of Malt

Rosie Cow (1)

Black Cow & English Strawberries

Black Cow, the world’s smoothest vodka, launched its first flavour innovation in May 2019, Black Cow Vodka & English Strawberries. Sustainably created at the Black Cow Distillery in West Dorset it uses locally sourced strawberries that are either leftover or too misshapen for sale in UK stores. 

Black Cow Vodka & English Strawberries only uses strawberries to flavour the Pure Milk Vodka, with no added sugar or sweeteners. The berries are pressed and infused in Black Cow Vodka for four days before being filtered and hand bottled at the Black Cow Distillery. The result is a crystal clear, blush-pink vodka packed with natural strawberry flavour that is both creamy and smooth, with hints of almond, vanilla and cinnamon.

Drink: 35ml Black Cow & English Strawberries, top with soda water. Served long over ice. Garnish with a mint sprig and strawberry (optional)

Available from: Master Of Malt



Everleaf is the delightfully delicious and exceptionally complex non-alcoholic aperitif sourced sustainably from nature. Everleaf is bright and bittersweet and is designed to be served with soda water or tonic (and lots of ice!) to create the quintessential summertime spritz.

Created by conservation biologist and bar owner Paul Mathew, Everleaf was born out of his experiences as a global botanical adventurer learning about plants, his desire to make something non-alcoholic to give people more choice when they don’t want to drink, and to reflect the concept of sustainability – both in consumption and also ingredient sourcing and production.

Drink: 1 part Everleaf, 3 parts soda water. Serve over lots of ice and garnish with an orange slice. 

Available here

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