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How to Love the Things You Hated As A Child with Jason Clark

He swore he would never work in the bar industry. Famous last words.  Not only does he work in the industry, but our guest today, Jason Clark, is the Talisker Brand Ambassador.  How is it that once we loathed something, and then in time, we end up, not only liking it, but loving it. Can it be called growing up? Nah, I still hate cooked carrots.  

In Jason’s life, he only saw the negatives of his parents’ bar – they were never up early enough to play with him. Only when he came to enter the trade,  did he discover the creativity, the camaraderie and the fun of being behind a bar. After traveling the world, working hard, winning competition after competition, he has been selected as Brand Ambassador for Talisker, the only distillery on the Isle of Skye and one of Robert Louis Stevenson’s favorites:

But maistly thee, the bluid o’ Scots,
Frae Maidenkirk to John o’ Grots,
The king o’ drinks, as I conceive it,

Robert Louis Stevenson, The Scotsman’s Return From Abroad

Try Jason’s Talisker Campfire Hot Chocolate recipe at home – it’s a S’More in a mug!

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