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How To Keep Winning Awards

Stop right there: This is the second episode of two where we meet a bartender at the top of everyone’s game.  If you want to hear the first part of Erik Lorincz’s journey – head back to episode 1 and begin there. If you have already gone down that path, then you’re here where you belong, so settle in for the ride.

No one will contradict me when I say that Erik Lorincz of Kwānt Bar in London, is focused and determined, while still being a charming host, the perfect combination for a successful bartender. Last week we left him at the entrance of the soon-to-be opened Connaught Bar. Where will those attributes take him from there?

In this episode with Erik Lorincz, we’ll discover:

  • Why working at the Connaught was like playing football like Massi
  • How you could promote a bar before Social Media existed
  • Why 2010 was one on Erik’s best years of all time
  • What job Erik thought would be too big for him
  • What Erik believes are the cocktails for the modern palate

Our cocktail of the week is the Hacienda! Try making the Kwānt classic with this recipe!

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