How To Find Your Ancestral Spirits

How To Find Your Ancestral Spirits

When your ancestors were distilling spirits as far back at the 18th C,  you really are destined to join them in the family business. Johnny Neill may have started his career in accounting, but he didn’t stay long. When he found out that both sides of his family tree had been in the drinks, he knew what his calling was.

Not only was he content creating his highly original Whitley Neill gins, but he has gone on to  develop Mary-Le-Bone Gin, Berkshire Botanical Gin and Gelston’s Old Irish Whiskey! Discover how we have to thank for all of these delicious spirits!

Try your hand at making our cocktail of the week, Johnny’s Yattendon Martini, you can find the recipe here!

Who’s on tap next:

We have one of the stars of the bartending world. Winner of the Diageo World Class Competition, former Head Bartender of the Savoy and now owner of one of the sexiest bars in London.  It can only be – the one and only Erik Lorincz.

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