How to Drink French

How to Drink French

The idea of sitting in a trendy Parisian bar in the 11th arrondissement, waiting for the author of many of the world’s best selling food books and the first-ever food blogger, could make anyone’s knees slightly tremblant. But then our guest today walked in with a big smile on his face said “Bon Jour!”

David Lebovitz is known to every chef, home cook, baker and lover of Paris. His blog, as well as many of his books, have been luring the uninitiated and oldhats to discover some of the best that Paris has to offer.

Now with the publication of his new book, Drinking French, just released today, his name with be forever synonymous with everything that goes into a glass, cup or bottle in la République of France!

I was on a mission to discover how he found shaking, stirring and muddling, instead of sifting, kneading and rolling.

In this episode, I discovered:

  • Why I’ll never eat a whole bag of potato chips again
  • Why David decided to write a book about drinking
  • What baking and cocktail making have in common
  • What do white belts have in common with drink’s writers
  • How baking and cocktail making are similar

Try your hand making our cocktail recipe of the week, the City of Light cocktail from Drinking French, David’s new book!

Who’s on tap next:

We meet a Frenchman living in London, who is where it all started so many years ago.

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