Happy Afternoon by Slavomir Kytka, winner of the Pisco Waqar European Competition

Happy Afternoon by Slavomir Kytka, winner of the Pisco Waqar European Competition

Happy Afternoon

October 2, 2018


  • 50 ml. Waqar pisco.
  • 15 ml. Roasted coconut&rhubarb sirup*
  • 10 ml. Fresh espresso
  • 20 ml. Muscat wine
  • 5 ml. White chocolate liqueur
  • Step 1 Throw**
  • Step 2 Garnish: coconut ice cream & dehydrated roasted coconut & rhubarb crunch

* Roasted coconut & rhubarb sirup:

Roast 100 grams of coconut and cook it with 300 grams of fresh rhubarb and 200 grams of sugar..
Then strain.. After you strain it take the rhubarb&coconut and dehydrate it.. Use it as a crunch on the top of the ice cream as a garnish.

**How to Throw A Drink by Supercall

Shaker tin set
Julep strainer

Step One:
Fill one of the shaker tins with ice and add all of your cocktail’s ingredients. Nestle the julep strainer into the tin at a 45-degree angle.

Step Two:
Hold the cocktail-filled tin in your dominant hand, securing the julep strainer. Hold the empty tin in your other hand.

Step Three:
Raise both tins above your head.

Step Four:
Start pouring the filled tin into the empty tin. As you pour, slowly lower the tin catching the liquid, holding it at a slight angle so the cocktail falls onto the inside wall of the tin. Ideally your liquid will have just finished pouring when your catching hand reaches your midsection

Step Five:
Bring both tins back to chest height and pour the cocktail back into the original tin (which still contains your ice and other solid ingredients).

Step Six:
Repeat steps 2-5 four to five times until your cocktail is properly chilled and aerated.

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