How to start Ireland’s first craft distillery

How to start Ireland’s first craft distillery

In the 7th C., St. Kevin was the most popular guy in Glendalough, with followers from both near and wide. I think my guest today might now have usurped that moniker. Gary McLoughlin is one of the co-founders of Glendalough Distillery, the first craft distillery in Ireland, whose home in County Wicklow is a few miles away of that of St. Kevin.

It’s hard to believe that before Glendalough, there were no craft distilleries in Ireland. Grabbing the chance to change all that, Gary and his fellow co-founders have not only conquered Ireland, but also the rest of the world. Found in over 40 countries worldwide and winning one award after another, Glendalough still remains purely Irish. Even St. Kevin’s presence is felt as he appears on every bottle.

Try your hand at one of the fabulous Glendalough Cocktails –  the Galway in Spring

Who’s on tap next:

We’re back to Kentucky next time for a Lush Tour of Maker’s Mark Bourbon – you’ll feel as if you’re there taking the tour with me because you will be!

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