George Economides – Mastiha World, Oxford

George Economides – Mastiha World, Oxford

Spending years in the hallowed libraries of Oxford pouring over the ins and outs of Quantum Mechanics might lead you to drink! It certainly happened to George Economides. One stag do in Sifnos and his whole world changed from investigating particles in a box to those in a glass. Harking back to his native land of Greece, our guest today is reviving the local spirit, Mastiha, and introducing it to the rest of the world – one cocktail at a time.

George has the hardest time describing the flavor of Mastiha to those who have never tried it – bubble gum, pine, woods, a combo of all. It’s truly tough to pin down to just one word. Tasting is the only way to describe it.

“Grown” on the island of Chios in the Northern Aegean, Mastiha has a rather quirky production process. The resin from the tree drops on the ground, hardens and then is collected, cleaned and reconstituted into the nectar that has made its benefits famous throughout history.

The list of drinkers range from Hippocrates, the Romans, Columbus, Italian popes, Arabic Sultans and me!. After my first sip with the Cypriot, I was converted. Now thanks to Mastiha World, it’s coming to a cocktail bar near you, so look out for Enosis or Kentos and give it a try.

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