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How to Drink Asolo Prosecco

How to Drink Asolo Prosecco

Throughout history, artists and writers have been drawn to the Northern Italian hill town of Asolo; some say it’s because it’s the “city of a hundred horizons,” I think it’s because it’s the home of Asolo Prosecco!

At one time, you might have caught a glimpse of poet Robert Browning, actress Elenora Duse, or writer Freya Stark sitting enjoying a glass of bubbly at one of the cafes in this Pearl of the Veneto, I can almost guarantee the liquid in their glass was Asolo prosecco! 

In this episode, I’m taking you with me to Asolo to meet a few people who are making Asolo Prosecco what it is! We‘ll begin with a masterclass led by Wine Educator and  Journalist Gianpaolo Giacobbo, who will explain what Asolo prosecco DOCG is exactly. 

Then Ugo Zamperoni is next. He is the President of the Conzorio of Asolo Prosecco – which is the association of producers and grape growers. 

Then we are off to meet a few producers of Asolo Prosecco: Dennis Bordin from the Tenuta d’Asolo Progress Country & Wine House,  Ermenegildo Giusti of Giusti Wine, and then we finish with Tenuta Baron’s Andrea Sbrissa.  

I interviewed them all in situ, so alas, there is no video podcast this week, but you can find a video guide to the town of Asolo and a selection of the vineyards and historical sites you can visit when you are next in town.

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Cocktail of the Week: Made in Italy

Our cocktail of the week comes straight from master mixologist Samuele Ambrosi, owner of Cloakroom Cocktail Lab and Knowledge Hub in Treviso. We met at Venice Cocktail Week last year, and I am thrilled to include one of his cocktail creations. It’s called the Made in Italy and is a little different from what you might think of as a prosecco cocktail – because it’s savory!

Learn to make the authentic MADE IN ITALY cocktail featuring tomato and Asolo Prosecco for a refreshing Italian-inspired drink.
Check out this recipe

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