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The World’s Best Martini Challenge, 2018

The global quest for The World’s Best Martini Challenge, 2018 has now reached its thrilling and penultimate stage. Through a selection of vigorous taste tests the final five ‘Contender’ gins have now been shortlisted.

Hepple Martini, Hepple Gin

The hotly anticipated finale will take place at Oslo, Hackney on Thursday 18th January from 6:30pm – 11:30pm, where each of the final five ‘Contender’ gins will debut a classic and showcase Martini recipe. From local Scottish botanicals, home-grown organic ingredients and splashes of the exotic guests and judges alike can expect to explore the globe with each of the Contenders innovative and surprising twists on the quintessentially British cocktail.

The Finalists…

The Perfect Dry Martini, Bertha’s Revenge It has been said that Winston Churchill liked his Martinis so dry that merely a glance across the room at the bottle of vermouth would suffice. Luckily, Irish distillers Bertha’s Revenge have created the Perfect Dry Martini, including Bertha’s Revenge Gin, a dry vermouth, lemon zest and green olives.

Martini, Bertha's Revenge

Lillet-Put Martini, Lilliput Dorset Gin British distillers Lilliput Dorset Gin have successfully combined Lilliput Gin, Lillet Blanc Vermouth, White Grapes and a sprig of home-grown organic rosemary to create their mouth-wateringly delicious Lillet-Put Martini, which offers up a taste of the British countryside.

Lilliput Gin, 'Lillet-put Martini'_preview

Showcase Martini, Arbikie’s Gin Arbikie Gin are bringing a taste of local Scottish botanicals to the competiton with their Showcase Martini. By combining Arbikie Gin, sea herbs vermouth, smoked liquid and lemon zest they have created a unique twist on the classic Martini that is sure to tantalise taste buds.


Classic Martini, Pothecary Gin British Gin distillers Pothecary have created a unique hand-crafted gin with notes of lavender, mulberry and honey. These distinctive flavours have been combined with Dry Vermouth and a lemon twist for the perfect Classic Martini.

Pothecary Gin - Big

Showcase Martini, Kokoro Gin Kokoro Gin are bringing a touch of the exotic to the proceedings with their use of the Sansho Berry, exclusively found in the Afan Woodlands of the Japanese Alps. Their Showcase Martini includes Kokoro Gin, triple citrus sherbet and Sansho berry bitters with a lemon twist.

Kokoro Gin

Recipes will be on my site next week!

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