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Vita Vodka Donating 100% Of Profits To Mind Charity In Support For Those Struggling During Covid-19

Premium Mediterranean vodka, VITA, the world’s first vodka specifically made to be mixed with water is donating 100% percent of its profits to the mental health charity, Mind. The generous donations from the vodka will continue throughout the lockdown and will continue until June or for as long as the strict measures have been lifted. Recognising the effect of staying at home can have on our mental health and the huge difficulties that so many are facing due to COVID-19, the VITA Vodka team were motivated to help where they could.

VITA Vodka’s Founder, Victor Ruiz, says “For us, Mind Charity was the right choice as everyone is vulnerable to mental health issues during this crisis. Whether you’re at home alone, on the front line, anxious about loved ones or simply have too much time for self-reflection, its easy to feel overwhelmed. And with so much disruption to our daily lives, those who already struggle with mental health are particularly vulnerable. Plus, some of us in the VITA Vodka team have been affected by mental health issues in the past, so the charity is very close to our hearts.” 

The light citrus-infused vodka is crafted from the finest ingredients sourced from the Southern European coast.  Water with naturally low minerality,  golden Italian wheat, and beautifully zesty lemon peel gives the spirit its refreshing smooth tasting notes, as well as enough robustness to be enjoyed simply with still or sparkling water.  The simple yet flavoursome drink is flavoured with all-natural ingredients, with no sugar, additives or artificial flavours.

The concept for VITA Vodka was born when its founder, Spanish entrepreneur Victor Ruiz Lafita, was left unconvinced by the classic vodka soda and wanted to create a delicious drink that he and his friends would be able to enjoy with soda water, that would still be packed full of flavour. After 18 months of research and 50 different formulas, VITA Vodka was created. 

Victor says “We wanted to redefine the way of drinking alcohol so that people could enjoy the pleasure of a drink without sacrificing a balanced lifestyle. We are looking to bring people to a new concept, one that elevates the classic vodka soda to a premium experience. I believe choosing the lighter option shouldn’t feel like a compromise. That’s why VITA’s natural flavourings burst to life when mixed with just water, so you have a full-of-character long drink, without all the sugar or artificial ingredients of a conventional spirit mixer.”  

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