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Venice Cocktail Week 2022 is here – Sept 26 – Oct 2022

One of my favorite weeks of the year is here. What a combination – Venice & cocktails. There is no way to go wrong at Venice Cocktail Week 2022.

VCW 22

Thirty-two are the venues involved, including ​a selection of the best hotel bars, cocktail bars, and historical cafes and each of them will create an exclusive VCW22 Cocktail List crafted specifically for the event. The cocktail list is designed to represent Venice and its traditions, and it will consist of four drinks, available during the seven days of the event.

The cocktails they need to create in 2022: 

  1. Signature Cocktail – A drink of free creation that will represent the cocktail bar during VCW22
  2. RiEsco a Bere Italiano Cocktail – A drink dedicated to MADE IN ITALY with products from exclusively Italian companies, participating in the RiEsco a Bere Italiano initiative
  3. L ‘Aperitivo di Mezzogiorno –  A fresh and light drink ideal for every hour of the day and especially for a midday aperitif, which is a great Venetian tradition.
  4. Leon D’Oro – A drink inspired by the cinema, with which the bartender can express their creativity

Not only cocktails, however, VCW22 will also have a rich weekly program, full of masterclasses, night shifts, and themed evenings with national and international guests, but also cultural initiatives and recreational activities to help the public discover a new Venice. 


During the week will be proposed also a series of initiatives: “VCW Experience”. Experiential activities where cocktails are protagonists and will accompany the guests to discover the city. The activities will be open to the public upon reservation.

There will also be “Dining with the Spirits”. A selection of Venetian restaurants will use spirits as ingredients of their dishes proposing an entire dedicated menu or in themed evenings, among the others the Michelin star restaurants Glam, Wisteria, Zanze XVI.


Venice for the entire week will be full of cultural initiatives, recreational activities, Masterclass and Night Shift with Italian and international guests and theme evenings organized by our brands sponsor. 

The program is work in progress, and from September 15 will be available and continuously updated on the official website 

Here are a few of the cool things that are happening! 

Monday 26th – Campari Academy opens with two guests from London: Giulia Cuccurullo, The Artesian Bar at Experimental Cocktail Club, and Victor Maggiolo, Amaro Bar at Time Social Bar; from Cannes Emanuele Balestra, Hotel Barrière Le Majestic with N Gin 44 at Palazzina The Bar

Tuesday 27th Daniel Arèvalo Arena, Somnia FX Cocktail Bar, directly from Barcelona with Gin dei Sospiri at Palazzina The Bar; from London Federico Pavan, The Donovan Bar will be with Select at Il Mercante; Daniyel Jones, Angostura Global Brand Ambassador will takeover The Bar, Aman Venice; from London Sebastiano Cristofanon, Nightjar, with N Gin 44 at Time Social Bar;  Davide Borgia, La Cañita and Cafè La Trova, Miami and Davide Wang, Moebius, Milan will be with Bitter Fusetti and Amaretto ADRIATICO at Experimental Cocktail Club; Leonardo Pinto and Samuele Ambrosi will be the protagonists of #shakeyourgrappa with Distilleria Nardini 1779 in collaboration with GrappaRevolution at Taverna La Fenice

Wednesday 28th – at Aman Venice Salvatore Calabrese “The Maestro” and Patrick Pistolesi, Drink Kong, Rome will present an exceptional double guest about Breakfast Martini with Cointreau, followed by a gondola performance by the Maestro; from Stockholm Oscar Buhre, Lucy Flower Shop, will be with Michter’s at Experimental Cocktail Club; from London Giorgio Bargiani, The Connaught Bar with Campari Academy will be at Aman Venice; Edoardo Sandri from Atrium Bar, Four Seasons Florence will celebrate with Ginarte Martini cocktail at Caffé Florian in Piazza San Marco

Thursday 29th – Select will bring Alessandra Purcaru from Mexico, Selva Oaxaca Cocktail Bar to Experimental Cocktail Club

Friday 30th – at Experimental Cocktail Club Danil Nevsky will represent Martin Miller’s Gin; from Florence Luca Picchi, Caffé Gilli will be at Alchemia, Ca’ di Dio for #shakeyourgrappa with Distilleria Nardini 1779

Sunday 2nd – VCW will end the week Stefano Catino and Martin Hudak from Maybe Sammy, Sydney with Altamura Distilleries at Aman Venice; and Cristian Silenzi, American Bar, The Savoy London with Campari Academy will be at the Skyline Rooftop Bar of the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice

Other upcoming events include: 

Tuesday 27thPresentation of the book Erbario Lagunare at Giardini Reali in collaboration with Venice Gardens Foundation and Associazione Piazza San Marco; Tour of Sant’Erasmo island with a tasting by Gin Dei Sospiri; Tuscan Cigar & Rum with Stefano Fanticelli, Club del Maledetto Toscano at Hotel Bauer Palazzo

Saturday 1st – “Towards Venice”, solo concert by Antonio Fresa at the Squero dell’Isola di San Giorgio. with the cocktails of San Giorgio Café

Mixo-gastronomic experiences:

Tuesday 27th Dinner “Dining With The Spirits” at San Giorgio Café

Wednesday 28th Scampi & Gin Tonic with Ginarte at the Rialto Fish Market; La Laguna in Tavola, Dinner with plants from the Lagoon and cocktails by Marco Vian, Gin dei Sospiri at Birraria La Corte 

Thursday 29thAtmospheres of the East in Venice, Aperitif, Dinner & Sound Performance with cocktails by Samuele Ambrosi, organized by Bevande Futuriste at Palazzina Grassi 

Friday 30th Negroni & Moeche in Bragozzo with Mauro Mahjoub and Manuel Bognolo

Sunday 2ndAsado & Fernandito, Lunch with argentinian flavours at Trattoria Argentina in Refrontolo, Treviso

Throughout the entire week the starred restaurant Zanze XVI will offer a welcome drink made in collaboration with Distilleria Nardini 1779

To  anticipate the event, on Sunday 25th Venissa opens the doors of the Mazzorbo estate and officially presents its Cocktail Bar, hosting some of the Venetian bartenders participats of VCW22.



This edition will present the collaboration between Venice Cocktail Week and the Consorzio Promovetro Murano, the offical manager of the brand owned by the Veneto region, “Vetro Artistico di Murano®” ( The collaboration will also be presented on the occasion of Venice Glass Week (17-25 September).

Only for Venice Cocktail Week, a selection of glassware has created a collection of Murano glass Gallons, designed specifically for the event and to represent the Venetian mixology. A unique collection, in which each piece has and exclusive design, entirely handmade by a skilled glassmaker artist. Each venue participants of VCW will receive a Gallon to be kept on display for the duration of the event, thus having the honor of being able to act as a “showcase” to a piece of great artistic and cultural value.


Ca’ Foscari Alumni, the network of Ca’ Foscari university students, with over 25,000 members in over 90 countries around the world, supports Venice Cocktail Week once again this year. “This is a unique opportunity to experience the city in a different way, creating opportunities for in-depth study and networking, discovering places and professionalism related to the world of hospitality, often little known”.

Marco Cosmo, Director of Ca’ Foscari Alumni

Shoshin ART CLUB for Bartender and VCW22 under 25

Valentino Longo – Head Bartender of the Four Seasons at The Surf Club (Florida) and Founder of Shoshin Art Club – will give also this year, the opportunity to access his Shoshin Art Club platform for free, to a young Bartender under 25. Shoshin is a virtual hub created by Valentino where you can find all the fundamental information and teachings by international names in the world of  mixology. Useful multimedia classes for those who want to embark on Bartender’s career and be trained on the basics and new trends.

The winner of the 2021 edition was Jonathan Bortoletti, Blue Drop at Lido di Venezia.


As for Florence Cocktail Week, VCW has also paid particular attention to design and art, since the very creation of the brand. The Venice Cocktail Week logo is designed by Piero Lissoni with Lissoni&Partners who gave a personal and modern interpretation of the event, linking the world of cocktails to the city of Venice with a minimalistic and elegant design. The design idea started from a sketch made by Marino Lucchetti, Bar Manager of the Hotel Londra Palace.



  1. Alchemia, Ca’ di Dio
  2. Arts Bar, The St.Regis Venice 
  3. Bar Gabbiano, Cipriani, A Belmond Hotel, Venice
  4. Canova Bar, Baglioni Hotel Luna
  5. Excess Venice Cocktail Food&Garden, Excess Venice
  6. Experimental Cocktail Club, Il Palazzo Experimental 
  7. Il Caravellino, Hotel Saturnia & International
  8. LPV Bar, Londra Palace Venezia
  9. Palazzina The Bar, Palazzina Grassi
  10. Sagra Rooftop, JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa (N)
  11. Savor Restaurant Bar & Garden, Hotel Indigo Venice (N)
  12. Skyline Rooftop Bar, Hilton Molino Stucky Venice
  13. Settimo Cielo Rooftop, Hotel Bauer Palazzo (N)
  14. The Bar, Aman Venice 
  15. Top of the Carlton Sky Lounge, Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal (N)


  1. Amo, Fondaco dei Tedeschi 
  2. Ancòra (N)
  3. Blue Drop
  4. Caffè Florian
  5. Caffè Lavena 
  6. Chet Bar
  7. ChicBar, Taverna La Fenice
  8. Grancaffè Quadri 
  9. Hostaria in Certosa (N)
  10. Il Mercante 
  11. Marciano Pub Venezia (N)
  12. Osteria I Rusteghi (N)
  13. San Giorgio Cafè
  14. Tarnowska’s American Bar
  15. Terrazza Aperol
  16. Time Social Bar 
  17. Venissa – Il Bar (N)

(N)  Novità 2022


With the collaboration of:

Vela, Venezia Unica


44 N Gin, Altamura Distilleries, Bevande Futuriste, Campari Group, Cointreau, Distilleria Nardini 1779, Ferro Beverage&Co, FIOL Prosecco, Gin dei Sospiri, Select


Angostura, Bitter Fusetti, Cordusio, Distilleria Bonaventura Maschio, Etsu Gin, Floressence Tuscan, Dry Gin, Martin Miller’s Gin, Mavolo, Michter’s, Prince Explorer Gin, Santa Teresa 1796, Vantguard, Yerbito, Zu Plun


Amaretto ADRIATICO, Distilleria Castagner, Distilleria Marzadro, FIOL Prosecco, Frantoio Pruneti, Ginarte Dry Gin, Gin Venice, Noon Distilled Gin , Rime Craft Distillers, Winestillery




Emotion Bar, Ferro Beverage&Co


All’Angelo Art Café, Al Todaro, Aurora Beach Bar, Blue Drop at the Pool, Hard Rock Cafè, Orientalbar & Bistrot, Puntozero Terrace


Associazione Piazza San Marco, Consorzio Promovetro Murano 


Aibes, Allosanfan Viaggi, A.P.S.Atlantidee, Aromi Group, Bragozzo Rosa dei Venti, Ca’ Foscari Alumni, Ca’ Maria Adele Venice, Caviar Giaveri, Club Maledetto Toscano, Corte di Gabriela, Cru Caviar, Get Sharlafied, Grafiche Veneziane, Grappa Revolution, Greenereu, Hotel Bartolomeo, Iba, Lissoni&Partners, Lycian Princess, Lunardelli, Olivieri 1882, Pomellato, Rent&Relax, Tablecloths, Tell Me a Story Venice, Venezia Spiagge, Venice Fashion Week


Beverfood, Radio Stereocittà, The Cocktail Lovers, Venezia da Vivere, VENEZIA Made in Veneto, 2night Venezia


Mine de Rien, Myss Duval, Pot Pourri, Wave

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