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How to Make Gin From Plants Outside Your Very Door

It was apropos that our guest’s first foray into the spirit world would be a success, especially since Valentine Warner is one of this country’s most famous chefs. Discovering juniper bushes on a walk in Northumberland got his creative juices flowing. The obvious product to produce would be a gin. Knowing he was jumping into an already crowded market, Valentine’s goal was to make his own expression of juniper, using both ripe and unripe juniper berries.

Using the most modern of techniques, which Valentine calls their “Triple Technique,” Hepple Gin was born. It’s not surprising that its perfect combination of fresh citrus flavors with spicy juniper caught the attention of the judges at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, winning the most prestigious award – the Double Gold Award last year. It continues to win awards worldwide and makes an amazing martini!

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