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How to Drink at Westin Doha’s Hunters Room & Grill with Thor de Mendoza & Gary Jones

Thor de Mendoza & Gary Jones

One is from India and the other Spain, but together they have conquered the Doha cocktail scene. Thor de Mendoza, Venue Manager, and Gary Jones, Bartender, of the Hunters Room & Grill at the new Westin Doha Hotel & Spa have drawn local and foreign crowds to their happy hour, thanks to their creative cocktail & mocktail menu.

Inspired by the best grill rooms around the world, the Hunters Room‘s meat-heavy menu deserves to be accompanied by the best cocktails there are. Thor and Gary have used their ingenuity to create what they call their Grilled Mixology Collection. Grilled fruits are the basis for many of their iconic cocktails, such as the Grilled Pineapple Mojito and the Grilled Citrus Margarita.

Also on trend is their Gin Infusion Bar – pick your choice of Gin, infuse it with your favorite ingredients, like cucumber, green apple or even thyme, and it’s yours and only yours. If you don’t drink, there are loads of equally creative mocktails. With Hunters being only a few months old, it will be exciting to check back with Thor and Gary it get all the Doha gossip!

FYI: Don’t be confused! This video is branded with my old logo, Best Sips Worldwide. Just ignore it and watch the amazing cocktail making 😉

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