Sigi Klein, Gelbes Haus, Nuremberg – How to make the hangover-free cocktail

Sigi Klein, Gelbes Haus, Nuremberg – How to make the hangover-free cocktail

If our next guest had not saved a horse from being destroyed, we would not be sitting in Gelbes Haus in Nuremberg, Germany listening to her recount her life story. Sigi Klein needed to earn a little extra cash to provide for this lucky horse, so she returned to her old love of bartending. Not any bar though, but THE cocktail bar in Nuremberg.

Gelbes Haus opened in 1989, when owner Oliver Kirschner wanted to create a classic cocktail bar in his hometown. Now more than almost 30 years down the line, it’s still considered the best in Nuremberg. Comfy, casual and the attention to detail are all the reasons why we had to meet Sigi, Oliver’s right hand.


Where you can hear me drinking next:

Next week, we bring you back to London to meet a woman who literally focusing on the Art of the Cocktail.  Her designs have been seen far and wide and now bars are inviting her to draw their pints – literally.

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NB: I was the guest of Nuremberg Tourist Board and I can’t thank them enough. I also need to thank the Stansted Express for making my journey to Stansted Airport that much easier!  My opinions are always my own!

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