Rose Unwin, Silver Swift, Cotswolds – How to conquer your mental and physical wall

Rose Unwin, Silver Swift, Cotswolds – How to conquer your mental and physical wall

When you have the opportunity to ride professionally, you take it. That wasn’t the only chance in life our guest took. Rose Unwin is undeniably a risk taker. She knew she wanted to start her own company and she did. What she didn’t realize is that her whole life so far was leading up to her creating Silver Swift.

A happy childhood in the British countryside with a mother who was a Cordon Bleu chef and a father who had a food manufacturing company, Rose was destined to instinctively understand flavor. When it came time for her to combine those flavors together for her Ready to Drink cocktails, she had no problem walking the course.

Where you can hear me drinking next:

Don’t despair, we’re going on holiday a little early but, we will be back on September 4, with Season 3 of Lush Life Podcast! The fun begins with Stephanie Jordan, the Brand Ambassador of La Hechicera Rum and we’ll continue with Luca Missaglia of Italicus and so many others.

Next season is full of surprises from Savoie Mont Blanc to Kentucky to Armagnac to Costa Brava, Spain to other Parts Unknown.

Things will be happening on, so keep checking out the site and also our Instagram to see what we’re drinking and where we’re drinking it.

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