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Lush Guide to Quarter Gin

Low ABV spirits are here to stay and, new to the market drinks brand, Quarter has given us a lighter in alcohol gin that has the flavor you expect in your gin.

Quarter Gin

When a new low-ABV spirit comes to market, I am always pleased. Mark my words that Quarter Gin is going to make its mark (couldn’t help myself) this upcoming summer! G&T lovers come and get it. A gin that is 1/4 of the ABV, 1/4 of the calories, and 1/4 of the impact – who could resist?

Bottle shot of Quarter Gin with cocktails

What is Quarter Light Gin

Quarter Gin was the brainchild of two former school friends, Fabian Clark and Rohan Radhakrishnan. Although they always worked within the marketing and drinks biz, they had yet to create their own spirit until now.

Working with Anthony Wilson, ex-Diageo Master Distiller, they set about to developing their own recipe “to create a lighter version of a traditional London Dry Gin, but with our own little twist.” Not an easy task, it took over 50 distillates to achieve perfection.

Quarter GN

How does Quarter Light Gin taste

All the traditional botanicals you would expect of a gin are used in the making of Quarter: juniper, of course, coriander, and angelica. Still, the grapefruit peel and the sweet orange offer that sweet/tart zingy notes. It’s distilled in a copper-pot just like a full ABV London Dry Gin giving it a depth of flavor that might be missed out if made any other way.

  • Color: Clear
  • Nose: Close your eyes and you would never know it’s not a full-strenght gin
  • Taste: Spicy and orange forward. A lighter version of what you would expect in any higher ABV gin.
  • Finish: Oranges, oranges, oranges
  • Alcohol: 12%

As I said, I’m predicting that they’ll all be lining up this summer to serve the Q&T!

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Where you can buy Quarter Light Gin

Quarter Gin bottle shot

UK: You can find Quarter G/N at Not Another Bill!

USA: Sorry, not available yet!

Try making the Quarter Gin Soda:

Quarter Gin Soda
Learn to make the Quarter Gin Soda, a refreshing cocktail featuring Quarter gin and soda, perfect for any occasion.
Check out this recipe
Quarter Gin Soda

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