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How to Complete a PHD While Sipping Pisco

Who would think the Greek rhetorician Hermogenes might have been the Brand Ambassador of Pisco Waqar? He wrote of clarity, brilliance, gravity, beauty, distinctness, sweetness and subtlety. All the same rhetoric that Brand Ambassador Javiera Lorenzini Raty uses to describe Pisco Waqar. She should know, as she is also completing a PHD on Hermogenes’ influence on the early English poets.

Growing up in Chile, Pisco is the drink at parties, home and, really, everywhere. It’s inborn to love this clear, flavorful brandy alone and in cocktails. After studying to be a sommelier, she had the chance to venture to the UK, combining both her passion for John Donne and her passion for Pisco Waqar. There was no way she could pass up this opportunity!

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