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How to Make Pink Cocktails at Home

Why does everyone remember James Bond ordering a Martini, not his other preferred cocktail? Unbeknownst to most, he was also fond of a “pink gin with Beefeater and plenty of bitters.” Pink cocktails were just as cool as the sleek martini then and now!

Pink Gin began life in the 19th C as the cocktail combo of Plymouth Gin (Navy Strength) and Angostura bitters. A few dashes of the dark red cocktail condiment gave the whole concoction a blush hue, thus pink cocktails were born. A known antidote to seasickness, the addition of gin made the bitters a bit more palatable to naval officers.

Pampelle Spritz

Now Pink Gin is experiencing a renaissance with gin distilleries creating their own methods of turning their gin pink, with and without bitters. Most have infused them with berries, which can only be a good thing especially in summer!

It’s not only gin that goes into making pink cocktails – vodka has jumped on the pink bandwagon as well. Also don’t forget, there are loads of other spirits that were always ingredients for pink cocktails, such as Select, Aperol, Campari, and Pampelle, a grapefruit based spirit.

I’ve collected some of my favorite pink cocktail recipes below and hope you try to make a few of these at home as most as pretty easy!

Pink Cocktails

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