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Let the perfect whisky highball start now! Introducing Glasshouse Whisky

In creating a new brand of whisky, it would seem obvious that bartenders would care equally about the cocktail it would produce as the liquid inside the bottle. To the wider world of Scottish whisky, this concept is as edgy as you could get.

Ben Iravani, Josh Rennie and Alex Lawrence were determined to study exactly what would create the perfect whisky for the perfect whisky highball, thus Glasshouse Whisky was born.

This is no “sipping in your lounge chair in front of the fire” whisky, but a “night on the town with friends” whisky made of 100% malted barley and a blend of both Coffey and Pot still distillates from a single Highland distillery.

Close your eyes and you are transported to one of the glasshouses of the 1800s known for entertaining (think Crystal Palace & Kew Gardens). Glasshouse takes its name from these social spaces which were also home to the exotic fruits, like pineapples, that were being grown in Scotland at the same time as the invention of the Coffey still.

Co-founder Ben Iravani says, “We feel Glasshouse is perfect for breaking the traditional stereotypes often associated with Scotch. The popularity of Whisky Highballs is gathering momentum, so we felt it was the perfect time to create a whisky designed specifically for mixing in long drinks that could hold its own, and carry full flavours.”

Be patient, Glasshouse will be available soon from Drinksology Group’s When We Are Giants for England, Wales and Ireland and through Base Spirits for Scotland.

Their perfect serve would be the Highball which is simply 50ml Glasshouse over ice and topped with soda!

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