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Paradiso Presents Second Edition of the Sustainability Summit this March!

Paradiso, Barcelona, for years a pioneer of sustainability, presents the second edition of the Sustainability Summit. From 20 to 22 March, 3 days of events and appointments aimed at raising awareness in the industry.

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Spring 2023. Sustainability Summit, the Paradiso event that debuted in 2022 and quickly established itself as a hub for the exchange of experiences and tools aimed at making the industry more sustainable, is now in its second edition. Organized by Giacomo Giannotti, founder and owner of Paradiso, and his team, the event will be held in the energetic city of Barcelona, from the 20th to the 22nd of March 2023.

The first Sustainability Summit was held in April 2022 and hosted three international bartenders pioneering green initiatives: Jean Trinh, Alquimico, Cartagena and Vijay Mudaliar, Native and Analogue, Singapore (winners of the 50BestBars sustainable bar award, respectively in 2020 and 2019) and Anna Sebastian, hospitality consultant, London.

Thanks to the success of the first edition this year the format will be repeated, improved and extended; get ready for three immersive days of events, partnerships, seminars, activities and many other surprises.

There will be guest shifts and masterclasses with exceptional guests from all over the world: Tato Giovannoni from Floreria Atlantico, Buenos Aires; Paul Aguilar from Himkok, Oslo; Alex Francis from Little Red Door, Paris; Agung Prabowo from Penicillin, Hong Kong; Matt Whiley from Re, Sydney. Five of the world’s leading figures in the bar industry will share their experiences and approach to sustainability during the three-day event.

The event will be sponsored by Ketel One Vodka, a family made brand that in recent years has been active in promoting sustainability in bars through the initiative, Garnished with Good, telling stories of bars and bartenders who have initiated positive change in their communities through their cocktails. Giacomo and Ketel One agree that the experience of enjoying a cocktail becomes even more satisfying knowing that the commitment taken by the bar is a step towards a greener world.

Paradiso is also very proud to start a partnership with Treedom, an Italian online platform that has been supporting communities of small farmers for years by planting trees all over the world with the goal of making the planet breathe. This collaboration is activated with the creation of the first Paradiso Forest. On the evening of March 21, 2023, International Day of Forests, Paradiso will plant a tree for every customer who orders a Voyage (citrusy twist of a cosmopolitan, made with Ketel One Vodka).

Each customer who receives a tree as a gift will be able to follow its progress and get updates; all of this will be visible on the website, in a section specifically designed to track the Paradiso Forest and its effects on the environment.

Other activities planned for the Paradiso Sustainability Summit 2023 include the cleaning of Barceloneta beach to collect plastic and the official opening of the new Paradiso Zero Waste Lab.

The third and new member of the Paradiso family is a physical space used to recycle the few waste products left in the bar. For the initiative, Paradiso has invested and purchased tools and machinery thanks to which plastic and organic waste will be given a new life, directly in the lab.

The Sustainability Summit aims to inspire, bring new ideas and open a dialogue, and therefore intended to be transformative, capable of generating awareness and change, with the aim of raising consciousness in the bar industry towards a more sustainable world.

Other partnerships and collaborations:

  • MS Bartrends, atelier that produces quality handmade aprons for the hospitality compost industry
  • AbonoKm0, company that offers an organic waste management service, in order to transform it into customized tools
  • Makeat, a food design company Barcelona based, in collaboration with which the coasters in the bar are made (entirely from cocktail preparation scraps)
  • Plat Institute, local company specializing in Augmented Gastronomy
  • 3D Vault, company specialized in 3d printing for hospitality. Producer of some of the eco-glasses designed for the new menu

Event Calendar

  • Monday 20th March 2006
    • 13:00 – 15:30 – 3 Masterclasses
    • 22:00 – 2 Guestshift
  • Tuesday, March 21 – International Day of Forest
    • 11:30 – plastic collection in Playa de la Barceloneta
    • 15:00 inauguration new Paradiso Waste Lab
    • 21:00 Sustainability Paradiso Night event
    • 22:00 – 1 Guestshift
  • 22 March
    • 14:00-15:30 – 2 Masterclasses
    • 21:00 or 22:00 – 2 Guestshift

*more details on the calendar under date and on the official social channels of Paradiso

Paradiso and sustainability

Paradiso is located in Barcelona’s historic Born district. Opened in 2015, it was crowned the best bar in the world according to the famous The World’s 50 Best Bar ranking last October 2022. Since the opening, Giacomo Giannotti, owner and founder, and his team have embarked on a path of constant development and innovation, investing a lot of energy in researching methods and techniques to improve and optimize the use of each ingredient, in all its parts. The ultimate goal is to be able to bea bar as sustainable as possible. Challenging but certainly not impossible.

“For me, sustainability means trying to waste as little as possible and transforming residues intomaterials that can be used at the bar. In an industry like ours, this might seem like an unattainable goal, but with the right mindset and the right people, there is always a way.” says Giacomo.

Over the years the use of plastic inside the bar has been reduced almost completely: the plastic straws have been replaced with biodegradable and eco-friendly straws, the transparent film and the warehouse wrappers abolished in favor of sheets of waxed paper, reusable and therefore more sustainable. Currently, Paradiso produces around 30 kg of plastic waste per month, which will be processed and transformed into objects like bottle openers, trays, boxes, plates and coasters, ashtrays, straw holders. Anything that can be created to optimize every resource and reduce waste.

‘We try to optimize every resource and reduce waste. All the coasters, straws, and trays were created by recycling waste from the bar,’ says Giacomo Giannotti. owner and founder of Paradiso.In fact, the coasters inside the bar are a tangible example of this thinking as they are made entirely from the waste from the preparation of cocktails and created in collaboration with Make at, a FoodDesign company from Barcelona.

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