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Be At One believes that life is what you mix it and shaking things up every once in a while is just what we all need. The Be At One we all know and love has remixed its cocktail menu with a brand new range of cocktails which are set to shake up our taste buds.

Notorious for hosting the best parties around, Be At One’s new menu is all about the lyrics and is set to get the party started in all bars nationwide. So, if you have 99 problems don’t let gin be one and strike a pose whilst sipping on Be At One’s new Blue Steel cocktail and partying to some banging tunes.

There’s something for everyone, from ice-cream cocktails guaranteed to bring all the boys to the bar, to the Play List’ pages packed with Be At One favourites including the Erin Rose, You So Sake and Drop the Beet. There’s even twists on classic cocktails, like the Banoffee Old Fashioned and a new beer cocktail, Better Call Sol!

Dedicated to saving the world – one cocktail at a time – Be At One decided that shaking the cocktail menu up wasn’t all they could do for the good people of Britain; they took things a step further and have invested in all-new corn plastic straws. Headlines recently revealed that it takes hundreds of years for plastic straws to decompose and Be At One decided that just won’t do! The new corn plastic straws are fully compostable and biodegrade in just 8 weeks!

In true Be At One style, the party never stops and the cocktail stirrers and shakers will also be unveiling a revitalised app – THE holy grail for all cocktail lovers. App users will even be able to personalise their very own happy hour, so that no one will ever miss out again!

We all know the art of match-making is a complex thing – step in Be At One’s first-of-its-kind, brand new pairing pro, Drinkr. Playing cupid with cocktails, by simply swiping left or right to their heart’s content on the Be At One app, users will discover their match made in heaven. Search no more – Be At One never fails to deliver the eye-candy we know customers are looking for! As if that wasn’t enough, they’re even treating new users to a special £5 cocktail promotion when the app is downloaded.

So, if you agree that life is what you mix it, head down to a Be At One and get ready to create memories and Instagram stories you’ll never forget.

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