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National Drinks Days 2020

Everyday of the year is one of the National Drinks Days as far as I’m concerned but here is a list of the more established ones. (A few weeks, eves, and months are mixed in as well!)  Thanks to Drink Days for putting this together!

JAN 1 National Bloody Mary Day

JAN 11 National Hot Toddy Day

JAN 17 National Hot Buttered Rum Day

JAN 18 Baltic Porter Day

JAN 19 National Irish Coffee Week

JAN 24 National Beer Can Appreciation Day

JAN 25 Burns Night

JAN 25 National Irish Coffee Day

JAN 31 Brandy Alexander Day

FEB 7 Pisco Sour Day

FEB 18 Drink Wine Day

FEB 22 National Margarita Day

FEB 23 Open That Bottle Night

FEB 24 World Bartender Day Support your local bartender.

FEB 27 National Kahlúa Day

MAR3 National Mulled Wine Day

MAR 3 Irish Whiskey Day

MAR 5 National Absinthe Day

MAR 17 St. Patrick’s Day

MAR 22 Bock Beer Day

MAR 27 International Whisk(e)y Day

APR 6 New Beer’s Eve

APR 7 National Beer Day

APR 9 National Gin & Tonic Day

APR 17 Malbec World Day

APR 19 National Amaretto Day

MAY 7 National Cosmopolitan Day

MAY 7 National Homebrew Day

MAY 9 National Moscato Day

MAY 13 World Cocktail Day

MAY 16 World Whisky Day

MAY 17 American Craft Beer Week

MAY 25 National Wine Day

MAY 30 National Mint Julep Day

JUN 4 National Cognac Day

JUN 5 National Moonshine Day

JUN 13 World Gin Day

JUN 14 National Bourbon Day

JUN 19 National Martini Day

JUN 30 National Mai Tai Day

JUL 2 National Anisette Day

JUL 10 National Piña Colada Day

JUL 11 National Mojito Day

JUL 11 World Rum Day

JUL 12 Michelada Day

JUL 14 National Grand Marnier Day

JUL 19 National Daiquiri Day

JUL 24 National Tequila Day

JUL 27 National Scotch Day

AUG 1 Mead Day

AUG 6 India Pale Ale (IPA) Beer Day

AUG 7 International Beer Day

AUG 8 International Scottish Gin Day

AUG 9 World Baijiu Day

AUG 16 National Rum Day

AUG 25 National Whiskey Sour Day

SEP 1 Australian Craft Gin Day

SEP 1 California Wine Month

SEP 1 National Bourbon Heritage Month

SEP 15 National Crème de Menthe Day

SEP 18 Grenache Day

SEP 20 National Rum Punch Day

SEP 28 National Drink Beer Day

OCT 1 National Applejack Month

October is also National Liver Awareness Month.

OCT 4 National Vodka Day

OCT 19 International Gin & Tonic Day

OCT 20 National Brandied Fruit Day

OCT 27 National American Beer Day

NOV 8 National Harvey Wallbanger Day

NOV 12 National Happy Hour Day

NOV 16 Australian Gin Week

NOV 19 Beaujolais Nouveau Day

NOV 21 Australian Gin Day

DEC 1 National Eggnog Month

DEC 10 National Lager Day

DEC 20 National Sangria Day

DEC 24 National Egg Nog Day

DEC 31 National Champagne Day

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