How to make a fail-safe five year plan

How to make a fail-safe five year plan

It was kismet, as far as I’m concerned. I met our guest today at a random event and have pinched myself, ever since, to make sure it wasn’t a dream. It seemed everyone in the industry knew Thomas Soden, but me. I had no idea I had been speaking with one of the world’s best bar consultants, bar owners, bartenders, and so much more.

When I asked him for advice about starting a podcast, he could not have been more supportive and I treasure our friendship. After more than two years since that initial encounter, almost a year and half of Lush Life and 60 podcasts, I finally sat down with him at Nine Lives, his bar in London Bridge, to get a glimpse into what drives him to be the best.

Where you can hear me drinking next:

Next week this time, hopefully you will be surrounded by loved ones. On Boxing Day every year, we usually have Panettone French Toast with a chaser of Ginger Vodka. Now I will definitely add in an Old English.

If you didn’t guess, this means Lush Life Podcast will be taking a break over the holiday season. But we will be back in 2018 with ways to make your Dry January a little more exciting – hint Seedlip!

We return on January 9, so use this time to catch up on old posts and try out a few of the recipes we have on the site.

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