Lush Guide to Ghent

Lush Guide to Ghent

A trip to any city in Flanders can be used as an excuse to drink your fair share of Belgian beer and devour up loads of Frites. I can’t deny I was off the Eurostar and in line for my first fried potato & Leffe beer in a heartbeat. I would be a fool to try and steer you away from this ritual, but I don’t think I need to tell you that there are a few other things to do in Ghent.

If you’re headed there, please read my guide to all the things you can do in Ghent:

*Beer, Frites & so many other things to do in Ghent

*What to do on Sunday in Ghent

Catch up on Lush Life Podcast episodes I recorded in Ghent:

*Annick de Splenter, Gruut Beer

*Jeroen Michels-Devaere, RoomeR


Passport, no visa

Flemish / French


Lush Guide to Ghent

For more fun things to do in Ghent, here are some ideas from Get Your Guide:

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