The Inaugural Peter Spanton Cocktail Competition at Jin Bo Law, London

The Inaugural Peter Spanton Cocktail Competition at Jin Bo Law, London

There is something magically mysterious about Peter Spanton Drinks. Maybe it’s the Hare-headed Gentleman who appears on every bottle of these bold mixers.  Maybe it’s the fact that my favorite is #13 of only six tonics they produce. Maybe it’s their selection of flavors from Salted Grapefruit to Lemongrass to Chocolate Mint.

This week it was the turn of eight bartenders to work their own magic by creating a winning cocktail for the inaugural Peter Spanton Cocktail Competition, held at the Jo Bin Law cocktail bar in Aldgate, London.

Four groups of two bartenders prepared and presented one cocktail to the three judges. I had the chance to discover what inspired them and how they chose which of the six Peter Spanton drinks to use in their cocktail.


Finalists and their cocktails included:

Michele Reina & Georgia Billing

Michele Reina & Georgia Billing, Under Milk Wood

Michal Kobza & Dario Arranz

Michal Kobza & Dario Arranz, Paradise of Silence

Khlaudio Brian Idem & Victor Manuel

Khlaudio Brian Idem & Victor Manuel, Alice

Tomas Cisty & Francesco MaceraTomas Cisty & Francesco Macera, No5 Alive


Where you can hear me drinking next:

Next time, we meet the show jumper who took a chance and created her own Ready To Drink Cocktail. You’ll see why a rose is not just a rose.

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