How to make your own gin with Ian Hart & Hilary Whitney of Sacred Spirits

How to make your own gin with Ian Hart & Hilary Whitney of Sacred Spirits

How is it possible that Ian Hart ever did anything but create his own gin, in his own home, from a still he built himself?  He was a born inventor. As a child he was the mad scientist on the street – tinkering with one of those chemistry sets that would be illegal now because of the toxic chemicals it contained.  Even his neighbors were slightly fearful that one day they would have no house left…

Ian Hart and his partner, both in work and life, Hilary Whitney, pursued other interests before realising that Sacred Gin was growing from not just another science project, but to one of the most successful new gins on the market.  Ten years on, the market may be a bit more crowded, but Sacred reigns supreme, receiving the ultimate compliment of being chosen by Alessandro Palazzi, as the gin of choice for Dukes Bar’s classic martini.

Try the Sacred’s Cocktail of the Week’s the Sacred Rosehip Cup – Summer is Coming!

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Next time on Lush Life, we’ll be in Annecy, France to meet Ninon Fauvarque, Winner of the Havana Club Grand Prix. I won’t bore you with how our flights got cancelled both going and returning from Annecy but I will tell you how amazing her story is and how having the right mentor,  innate talent and overflowing enthusiasm can win you the big ones.

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