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How to Get to Be One Hundred

According to the Telegraph, in 2015, Swedish researchers published the results of a 50-year study of centenarians and came up with the following advice for reaching the ripe old age of 100: “don’t smoke, be financially secure enough to own home by 50, stay cheerful, don’t drink more than four coffees a day, keep blood pressure and cholesterol low, have mother who lives into 80s, keep good posture, stay slim” and drink at least one cocktail a day. (ok I added that last one).

I can’t promise that I have done those things, but Lush Life has still managed to reach the 100 mark. On June 7, 2016, Lush Life Podcast came into the world and today she’s reached her 100th episode. Since that time, we have been lucky enough to hear from archeologists, fashion designers, scientists, innovators, Greeks, Cypriots, Italians, Qataris, Seychellois, Americans, Brits and more. We now know the definition of hostitalia, what Hemingway’s favorite cocktail was, what to serve in a dry country, that you can study beer making at university, and so much more.

So many people have given their time and support to Lush Life when she was a baby, a teenager and now an adult! Each and every one who has participated by being a guest, helped behind the scenes and, of course, downloaded gets a huge thank you!

Three people deserve a special shout out – Evo Terra, producer and editor extraordinaire, Steve Shapiro, the maestro behind the music, and Akis Stephanides, who is always there to push.

As we head to our next 100, we must remember not to smoke, not to drink too much coffee, not to get too gloomy, and always have time to sit back for a half hour and listen to the stories of the people behind what’s in our glass.

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