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How to Build a Brewery Using Ganbaru (頑張る)

Who knew that Georgetown in North-Eastern Kentucky would be so full of superlatives? The largest Toyota manufacturing facility in the world sits outside this tiny town. After graduate school, our guest, Daniel Harrison (DH), co-founder of Country Boy Brewery, took advantage of Toyota’s affiliation with Georgetown University to teach English in Tahara, Japan.

Arriving in Tahara, DH was already a beer fan, but he was blown away by the quality of Japanese beer and made it his mission to sample every local beer he could find.  Returning home a few years later, he was set on creating the best beer in Kentucky. The Japanese would call his hard work – ganbaru – the determination to never stop until a goal is achieved. Now Georgetown has a few more superlatives to add to its list – Country Boy Brewery is the largest brewhouse in Kentucky & the first new construction brewery in KY since prohibition.

Here are a few photos of Country Boy Brewery!

Country Boy Brewery, Lexington Kentucky, USA

I was the guest of Kentucky Tourism and I can’t thank them enough! For more information on Kentucky, go to:  All opinions are always my own!

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