How to make herbs work in a cocktail

How to make herbs work in a cocktail

The political revolution in Romania may have gone down in 1989, but our guest today is quietly starting one of his own. Heading down to his bar, Fix Me A Drink, don’t expect a menu of 300 drinks. Each one of Alex Ciomârtan’s cocktails is a masterwork of ingenuity. Drawing not only on his studies in Western Herbal Medicine, Alex brings nostalgia, history and passion to each and every drink.

After years of living in London studying, as well as drinking in the city’s greatest bars, Alex felt it was time to come home. He is one of very few mixologists, if not the only, in a city filled with bars that knows sometimes cinnamon is not just cinnamon. Depending on its terroir, even a small amount can make one cocktail taste completely different from another one.

This attention to detail is making Fix Me a Drink, one of the hottest new bars not only in Bucharest, but the world.

Where you can hear me drinking next:

Back to Belgium we go to meet Annick De Splenter in Ghent for the next episode of Best Sips. Her crazy idea to make beer without hops had even her professors scratching their heads in wonder. Not only has it worked, but Annick is laughing all the way to the brewery!


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