Fabiano Latham – Bartender/Consultant, London

Fabiano Latham – Bartender/Consultant, London

Paddington Bear is not the only thing that emerged from the “darkest Peru.” Thankfully, the spirit on everyone’s lips at the moments has made it across the border as well. As the 100th anniversary of the invention of the Pisco Sour is upon us this year, Fabiano Latham is determined to educate everyone on the merits of the most Peruvian of beverages.

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I met Fabiano for drinks at his former haunt, Chotto Matte, one of the first restaurant/bars in London to serve Nikkei cuisine, accompanied by a slew of Pisco cocktails.

Nikkei is actually the term to describe the Japanese diaspora. In this instance, it refers to a particular mode of cooking combining the Japanese influence with the local Peruvian cooking. Eat ceviche and tiridito and you can’t help but think sushi/sashimi.

In Fabiano’s opinion, Pisco is the perfect go-with for this delicate food. He fell in love with it early on in his career and can’t help but feel he earns his wings every time someone is charmed, as well. Pisco is basically Peruvian brandy grown by the first 16th century Spanish settlers. It’s clear, sharp and dry – great with the spice and flavor of the local food.

pisco-sourAlthough, greedy Gold Rushers were drinking Pisco Punch in late 19th century San Francisco, the Pisco Sour reigns supreme as the most popular Pisco cocktail. With only four ingredients, Mr. Vaughn Morris, owner of Morris’s Bar in Lima and inventor of the Pisco Sour, created a sensation. One hundred years later, we are toasting to his ingenuity. Fabiano shares a birthday with him – does this mean he was destined to be the UK’s premier Pisco aficionado? Possibly!

As more and more Pisco distilleries are introduced upon our shores, it’s good to know we have Fabiano to point us in the right direction.

See how Fabiano makes the Chilcano de Tonka at Chotto Matte, London

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