David Wallwork, Freya – How to make a spirit from birch water

David Wallwork, Freya – How to make a spirit from birch water

Having begun his career studying Environmental Science at university, our guest has never forgotten his past love. Wanting to create a spirit that was sustainable, natural, and innovative, David Wallwork’s first try at it, Freya Spirit, succeeded on all counts.

Named for the Norse Goddess of Love, Life & Beauty, Freya was bound to be alluring. Distilled from wild birch tree sap from Scandinavia  (of course!) and the Baltics, Freya was awarded ‘Most Refreshing UK Spirit’ in 2017 by the Lux Awards, designed to celebrate and reward both creativity and sustainability. I know the gods are sipping on it in Asgard, as I write this!



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