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How to Drink Cordusio with Chris Tanca & Daniela Garcea

How to Drink Cordusio with Chris Tanca & Daniela Garcea

When making cocktails, do you ever feel like something’s missing? One of our guests today did, and he made it his mission to fill that void. 

Chris Tanca, Founder of Cordusio, was that man. He was trying to make a cocktail and could find the spirit with the exact flavor profile he was looking for. So he created it, and now Cordusio, the world’s first red berry aperitif, is hot off the presses.

In fact, I met Chris at Venice Cocktail Week at the end of September for the first official launch of this new spirit. He’s here with me now with Daniela Garcea, the Global Brand Activator, to reveal what it took to produce this gorgeous liquid and what their plans for it are. 

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Our Cocktail of the week is the Cordusio Tonic, their deceivingly simple & surprisingly delicious signature cocktail. A classic reimagined with a twist.

Cordusio Tonic
The Cordusio Tonic, their deceivingly simply & surprisingly delicious signature cocktail. A classic reimagined with a twist.
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Cordusio Tonic

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Susan: It’s really great to have you guys on the show. Thank you so much for joining me today.

Daniela: First, thank you Susan for having us today. I’m Daniela, I’m from Italy. I live and work in Italy. I’ve been working in hospitality for more than 10 years as a bartender before, as a waitress also. Then I moved in the industry, started to work for a multinational company in the spirit industry.

Then after what we know was the worst time of our life in the last two years, I decided to move and start to work on my own. Now I am owner of a small company and work with small, new spirits brands in the market. That’s why I have the pleasure to work with Chris on Cordusio.

Susan: And Chris?

Chris: Hello, my name is Chris Tanka. I also live and work in Italy, but originally, I’m from the USA. I’m founder of Cordusio, a new red berry aperitif, which is soon to come to market. Big pleasure to be with you, Susan, we’re fans.

Susan: Thank you so much. Of course we have to go way, way back. I guess let’s start with Chris. Tell me about how Cordusio was born.

Chris: How was Cordusio born? My goodness, where to begin the story. Let’s start in the very beginning when I was young and didn’t have a tremendous amount of money because I was a student, I was a poor student, I scrounged and saved up enough money to do a little bit of traveling.

One of the places I was fortunate to travel to was Italy, and this is over 20 years ago now, but it kind of started a lifelong love affair with traveling and especially with Italy. This is going way, way back, but one of the things that left such an amazing impression on me when I arrived in Italy was ordering a coffee. And that sounds very silly to most people around the world because ordering a coffee is something we all do every day, multiple times a day, if you’re me.

I was in Napoli and I was with a friend and we went to a coffee shop and ordered our coffee, feeling very nervous about our improper Italian and just unfamiliar environment. We ordered the coffee and the barista, said “Here’s your coffee.” And I said, “thank you so much.” I went to go give her my money and she said, “No, no, this is paid for, this is in sospeso, in suspension.”

So somebody before me had paid for that coffee. Then she said, but you have the opportunity to pay for this coffee anyway and keep it in suspension, and pay for the one, the next one after. For me, I thought this was the most amazing, brilliant, beautiful, small act of generosity. And it was so charming and it still left an impression on me now for many, many years.

Let’s fast forward to around four years ago when I got the chance to move to Italy and really experience Italian culture and the history and the beautiful art and living in Milan. These small little stories and these small little acts of Italian generosity left an impression on me and of course, great aperitifs also leave an impression on you when you have the good fortune to live in Italy.

I took a lot of inspiration from the culture and these small everyday little acts of generosity when we were putting together the concept for Cordusio.

Susan: Your last name seems to be Italian. Is it? Are you from an Italian background?

Chris: Yes, I have an Italian background on my mother’s side. I would say I’m a quarter Italian, approximately a quarter Italian. I’ve always been fascinated with Italy, let’s call it, from a family background and heritage perspective. But it’s interesting. I mean, when you live in Italy, you kind see it from the outside in, but then you’re learning it from the inside out.

So it’s a wonderful experience, and of course who doesn’t love the food and great culture of Italy.

Susan: Why I asked that is I was wondering what kind of coffee you had had when you were young and or spirits? What was around the table when you were young?

Chris: Yeah, hmm. Good question. I’m saying with a big smile on my face to all my American friends .I mean, American coffee was when I was growing up many, many years ago was absolutely undrinkable. I mean, Susan, you may remember, I mean, this is way back. I think maybe that when I left, maybe when I did get to Italy and I tasted some really great Italian espresso, I was like, wow, this is an unbelievable experience.

Regarding spirits. Actually, it’s funny, I mean, again, Susan you may connect with this, but I mean, Italians have a, sorry, Americans have a much sweeter profile for spirits , and one of the nice things I love so much about Italian spirits, but really Italian cuisine is the really nice balance between sweet and bitter.

A lot of the aperitifs that let’s say we all grew up with, I think they skewed a bit towards bitter. Some of them are experimenting with sweet a little bit now, but a lot of it is bitter on bitter. And for Americans, and many around the world, it’s a lot of bitter. Actually, when we were crafting Cordusio working with Master Blenders, we wanted to find that beautiful balance of a little bit sweet, but not too sweet, and a little bit of bitter, not too bitter.

Susan: So back to your story. You said you moved over here. What was it? Or should I say, what was it that brought you over? I was going to say, was it love that brought you over? But then I thought that was too cliched.

Chris: Oh, that’s perfect. I love the cliche and it’s so true. No, I’ve been living abroad for 20 years. I lived in Scandinavia for six years. I’ve lived in Greece for six years. I’ve lived in Dubai for two and a half years, and now I’ve been here in Italy for the past four years plus.

Of course it was love that brought me to Italy. That’s what we do. It’s the best reason.

Susan: Yeah, I guess love takes very many forms and love always brings me back to Italy and it’s not one person, it’s just the love of Italy. Now, since we’re talking so much about Italy, Daniela, what is your background and  you obviously grew up in Italy. You already had the Italian kitchen, right? What was it that brought you into the spirit world as we say?

Daniela: Actually, I’m just saying that maybe I grew up around spirits because my dad used to do wine and so we used to make wine at home and also my mom still does this amazing limoncello that we drink every time we finish eating. It’s something that’s always been in our culture. Of course, I never had any spirits before being an adult.

So let’s say that I was not drinking before I became 18 years old because my dad was really like classic Italian dad from the south. No! Alcohol is not good. You’re going to try it just when you are with me. Just when you’re in front of me, it’s okay. So when I grew up, I was 18, I started to have beer, of course, was the easiest thing.

Then my first alcoholic drink was a Midori Sour, sorry. Of course, something really like. The classic drink that you imagine when you think about spirits like these, this funny cocktail with melon and these kind of things. Then I finally met Negroni. When I had my first, I was like, yeah. That’s it. I want to know more.

I was in Milano and I fell in love with this world. I started to work in hospitality also to pay my studies. I was studying in Milano, and that’s how it started and it never ended.

Susan: Listen, we are not snobs here at Lush Life and a Midori Sour is equally as good as a Negroni. Maybe some would think maybe less sophisticated, but equally as good. We love a Midori Sour.

 Daniela: Is the American taste not so similar to the Italian? So Negroni for me is maybe much better, but nothing to say about Midori Sour. I had great time with Midori!

Susan: Me too. A Fuzzy Navel was my cocktail that I started drinking when I was like 21. I totally understand. Now, I’m not sure, this is kind of a chicken and egg situation here. I’m not sure how you two got together. If it was before you started the spirit, was it after you started Cordusio? Talk me through that timeline of how you got together and started working together and how that fit into the creating of the spirit itself.

Chris: Daniela is the Ying to my yang. We kicked off Cordusio development working with some really, really amazing master blenders here in Italy. We have some the world’s best master blenders, so I kind of had an idea as a founder. I kind of had a vision for where I wanted to go in terms of the product, the taste profile, the packaging, and a little bit.

Susan: Just one thing before you started that, you didn’t tell me why you wanted to start it first.

Chris: Why I wanted to start Cordusio?

Susan: Yes.

Chris: This came a little bit…two things happening simultaneously. Number one, I finally got behind the bar and started getting a little bit more, let’s say educating myself more properly about creating cocktails, so went to bartender training sessions and WSET as well. I’m certified, with spirits, et cetera.

Susan: Just for fun?

Chris: Just for fun. Daniela and I were joking. I mean, when we go to a party, sometimes it’s more fun for us to work at the party than to attend the party. For us, it’s actually fun to be behind the bar serving people, et cetera. just for fun, I wanted to get sharper with my skills. It was in my training actually that I was behind the bar.

I had a couple ideas about cocktails I wanted to try making. Specifically flavor profiles that I wanted to work with and I wanted them to be super premium. I wanted them to be a hundred percent natural. I wanted them to be sustainable. I wanted them to be really, something very beautiful.

Red Berry was something that as, let’s say as an American, but I think a lot of Europeans all around the world. It’s such a beautiful flavor profile. I was looking for a super-premium, red berry flavor profile, and I couldn’t find. Now at the same time, I had some family visiting from the States and actually a couple of friends from the UK as well.

Of course, I’m so happy to host folks and show them around Milan and show them all the beautiful things, all things Italian. And of course we take them for aperitivi. Then one day, someone was saying to me, these are all delicious drinks, but how come there are all these bright colors, these bright oranges, and reds?

Unfortunately the reality is a lot of aperitifs still have some artificial flavors and artificial colors in them. All of these things are all happening at the same time. I was looking for a flavor profile, unique. I was looking for something natural and I wanted to play in this aperitivo space really and I wanted to offer them something.

Something, something electric and beautiful, as was my first real coffee experience, in Napoli. And then I got a chance to start developing the project. Then comes this young lady. Daniela’s been an amazing piece of the puzzle, really understanding the Italian hospitality industry,  etc.

So maybe I pass it to Daniela because she actually complements the project brilliantly.

Susan: He came to you with this idea. I think I want to make a spirit this bright red and sustainable, natural

Daniela: Absolutely. Presented to me the whole idea. And when we arrived at the liquid testing, I was just amazed by everything. Like I saw the bottle, I tasted the liquid, and I  was immediately in love with Cordusio. It’s very something unique. ,’ve been working, I told you already, for more than 10 years in this industry, never tasted something like Cordusio.

And this is something weird for me because we get to taste product every day. We get to taste cocktail every day. And this profile was not there yet until Cordusio arrived. I’m really happy.

Susan: Oh, now, wait. Rewind for a sec. After you decided you wanted to make something in this space? How did you even begin?  There’s a lot of spirits out there. What were your next steps? We want everything here. Chris. You cannot fast forward on Lush life.

Chris: Where to begin? Well, I’ll be a little bit silly, but, I mean, you begin with an idea. Okay. I knew that there was a space here. I mean, my background is in strategy, marketing, media, and advertising. I’m kind of trained to identify an opportunity space. I knew there was a space, then literally started writing, like writing down the concepts, the ideas, Then what do you say then what’s the expression, pictures worth a thousand words then.

I turn it into a picture, but here’s what people don’t know, a prototype is worth a thousand pictures. then you turn the pictures into a prototype, Then finally, finally, finally, with a lot of patience hard work and support from the team, we get to a final product. I mean, this is what we’re, we’re very excited about.

Now that’s the s silly way that you actually create. The other reality is, and being very humble, I couldn’t have done this with a lot of tremendous amount of support from the team. And without some great mentors. I’m very fortunate. I have a couple of great mentors who really work in luxury spirits, who have shown the way for us, for the team , to get things off the ground, introduce us to the right players, introduce me to Daniela, even, to get things moving.

Susan: So how long was it between idea and actually having liquid that you thought was going to work?

Chris: Oh, good question. I think we did ultimately over dozen iteration rounds of developing and I’d say it probably could have been quicker except for that small pandemic that we had. But no, actually to be respectful to the master blenders and to really the entire process. I mean, these guys are real craftsmen.

They’re experts and it takes some time to work with the ingredients that they’re familiar with. But also, I mean, I introduced an entire new flavor profile. I mean, red berries in an aperitif hadn’t been done before. The blenders took some iterations to really find that right balance in the craft. So I think if I’m practical, I think it took from idea to actually the right liquid, I’m going to say plus, minus a year.

Susan: It’s not too long.

Chris: Not too long now, but at the same time, it was a pretty intense working session. I mean, really had a lot of support. I mean, day in, day out.

Susan: And can you reveal some of the red berries that you thought of when you were creating it? Or the balance also of sugar to bitterness that you wanted.

Chris: Sure, I’m happy to.

Susan: As much as you want to reveal.

Chris: We’re actually very transparent, frankly. I mean, we’re big focused on sustainability. And sustainability is a lot about transparency. actually our, almost all our ingredients are, are transparent. the Red Berry blend, is actually proprietary, but it’s effectively a blend of raspberries, red current, berries, let’s call ’em blueberries, but not the blue type and, cranberry.

This adds a really interesting blend of a little bit naturally sweet, but also naturally tart. And again, this is all played upon a base of an Italian style aperitif so it naturally has a slight bitterness, but really finding the right blend of that sweet and tartness together with the persistence of the bitter was what took a lot of hard work in terms of sugar.

An actually interesting part of the story is we use 22% less sugar than most of the other aperitifs. We don’t need that much sugar because red berries by nature literally are little bit sweet. So they really play nicely with the aperitif base.

Susan: Of course. Since you brought up that you were originally from marketing, did you already have a name and the look of the bottle and all of that idea? Did you work together to do that? How did you decide on Cordusio?

Chris: Well, we knew we wanted it to be authentically Italian. We’re very pleased even the bottle design, everything was done in Italy by Italian designers, agencies, et cetera. The name Cordusio itself. Cordusio is a piazza, it’s a square in the center of Milan which has a beautiful history, we believe also has a beautiful future.

The history of Cordusio is, it actually used to be a very central marketplace where people would come to sell trade, hundreds of years ago. So a lot of those great master blenders, and distillers from all across Italy, hey used to come to Milan, to this piazza in the center of the city to sell their herbs and botanicals, aperitifs, etc.

So the history is rich. We love the name. Cordusio just plays well in just about every language. Also, it has a beautiful future. I mean, there’s a lot of exciting things going on in the center of Milan right now. We’ve seen some really interesting developments lately, and we can see that there’s a lot more coming. Five-star hotels opening in the region, just beautiful cocktail bars, beautiful cocktails are on the horizon, Susan, see?

Susan: I’m sure. Now we talked about the bottle. I have it here. It’s such a gorgeous bottle. talk me through the design. I know when we met and you had that gorgeous lunch that you had the designer of the bottle there. Can you give us a brief rundown on what he told us and how he created it and what your directions to him were?

Chris: Oh, my directions were pretty broad. I mean, I wanted him and the designers to really find their authentic voice within the bottle. But you can see, obviously we’re playing on a beautiful Italian design background, right. We’re definitely in the super and ultra-premium space.

There are a couple small things that are, let’s call it details, but let’s say one of the things that jumps out for sure is the color red, right? The liquid itself. Red. Exactly. But the bottle itself, the bottled class is tinted red. And that’s not only for design, but it actually protects the integrity of the 100% natural liquid.

So it protects the liquid from direct sunlight, for example. We wanted to play something truly authentic Italian. The ribs and the way the bottle comes up is reminiscent of Chianti bottles, so the straw base that you would use. Then we also have little hints of brush bronze, for example, you see on the, on the neck label and on the closure.

Brush bronze is, you see it a lot now in Italian luxury home furnishing, but actually it has a long heritage kind of pre-war Milano. They were producing a lot of this brush bronze in the region. It really draws from a lot of authentic, Italian design inspirations.

Susan: Don’t forget the top. I see a building.

Chris: It’s the arco. It’s, one of the beautiful, landmarks that you’ll see really throughout Italy. But this one in particular in Milan and also used to be this in one of the entrances in the city of Milano.So this is our way to say, welcome to Cordusio World. Welcome to Italy. It’s also the gateway to the rest of the world. Yeah. here we come.

Daniela: It’s a way to come in.

Susan: I love it. Every time you open it, you think, welcome to Italy. I love that.

Chris: It’s the gateway.

Susan: Tell me a little bit about what you’re doing, Daniela, with it. We’ve heard from Chris, so let’s hear from you. He brought you the bottle and the liquid and you went, wow, this

is fabulous.

Daniela: Yeah, absolutely. And I started to think about all the bars that I’ve been in my life, all the place that I just thought, oh, this product will work amazing. And, that’s why we started to work together also, because our idea is to bring this product everywhere, not just, not just in Italy, of course.

The way is to imagine what kind of place would use Cordusio. And of course, Chris was mentioning the premium of the bottle. And that’s also how we imagine and not just because it’s a premium place, needs to be a premium drink place. Somewhere where people are really in love with drinks, really in love with what we they do. We think that they can work with this product and they can enjoy a different way of mixology and mixing drinks and creating something that it doesn’t exist yet.

Susan: Now, did you have any specific bar in mind? Like, oh, I really want it in this one place.

Chris & Daniela: We just have to adjust a couple of things then we are ready to go. Of course, we are in the industry so we know that there is this list of amazing bar on the World’s 500, the 500 Best Bars list, because we know what kind of mixology they’re doing in there. They are focused on a better way to drink. It’s not just about a classic cocktail that you drink. It’s about giving, of course, I’m going to say giving an experience.

Susan: Yeah, absolutely. Or a story. As, it’s the drink is just much more than just a cocktail.

Daniela: Exactly. I mean, I’m Italian, so we just saw also the Italian list of bars around the world and we saw how many Italians are running these bars and I’m more than happy to say that one day they will be happy to work with Cordusio. I’m sure about it.

Susan: I’m sure. I wasn’t sure if maybe there was some in Milano that you thought, oh, because it’s my hometown I want it there.

Daniela: We already are working with some bars in Milano. They tasted the product. Actually, we did blind testing with some bartenders in the world and also in Milano. We took a panel of five bartenders and we did a blind testing of Cordusio with some other products. And it’s funny to say that they choose Cordusio over all the other product that they used to work with every day.

This is already something that for us was really nice to see. Yes. we are working with some bars. We are organizing some events around the city. In December, we will have our aperitivo to say hello to our Milanese friends. So yes, I saw this product, around the city in a lot of place. I don’t know if you want me to mention some names. Let me know.

Susan: Yes, absolutely. Of course.

Daniela: So of course we are already working with Bella Milano Bistro. He’s in Milan in Porta Romana and Umberto, the bartender, has been really helpful with us. He loves the product and he’s very happy to work with it.  We are organizing an event with him and Bella Milano Bistro team in December.

Then, we are in other different spaces, but for example, I can mention Torre Restaurant is the restaurant that is on the top of Fondazione Prada, which I think that you might know. We are working with the bartenders there, and this is an amazing space with this bottle shelf, that is beautiful, full of different bottles, different colors, and Cordusio is there.

So very happy that we are trying to manage these kind of things and work with other bartenders.

Chris: Susan. When we met, we had a couple cocktails at Il Palazzo Experimental in Venice, and that was an amazing experience. You can still have Cordusio there, Lorenzo and the team there, unstoppable.

They’re just amazing. I mean, we’re just getting going. Daniella mentioned one thing and, and Susan, you experienced it. I think one of the most fun things for us is doing blind taste testing. Right. Because I would say almost every time, I’m thinking like 99% of the time in a blind taste test, Cordusio comes out on top.

That’s something that we get very excited about. Because selling and showing. Getting people excited about something new that they can play with and experiment with and, experience broadly. It’s kind of easy for us and we really enjoy that.

Susan: You can’t beat that. I mean, it’s fantastic. You dream about that, about getting everyone who’s doing a blind taste test to pick your product . Since you mentioned Venice, you were a participant in Venice Cocktail Week. Can you tell me how that came about and your experience there?

Chris: Well, I’m happy to. I’ll have a kickoff. Daniela will fill in. Venice Cocktail Week was wonderful. I mean, this past September/October was the second. And it’s an amazing experience. The organizers were wonderful. We worked very, very closely with them. They’re very accommodating.

And for us, it was a premiere. We didn’t even properly launch yet. I mean, it was kind of a let’s float it out there and see what the cocktail community has to say. And we were blown away. We were really, really, humbled by the positive feedback that we got.

Great. Great event, great experience. We’ll be back for sure. What can I say? I mean, it’s just so nice to see, in Italy, again, a country so rich with hospitality traditions and cocktail traditions, starting to organize a little bit more structured way, and bringing really beautiful international focus to the crafts.

And also, we played a bit in Venice because of course we organized two different events. One was a lunch, so during lunchtime paired with some amazing food. And the other one was an aperitivo, and that’s how, for us, it’s perfect because we actually saw how this product can work.

Every time of the day, you can have a nice Cordusio Tonic while you’re having lunch, brunch, Then you go to the aperitivo time, you can have this amazing cocktail and you’ll never stop to drink.

Susan: Now since I was lucky enough to be at both events, the lunch – tell us about how you got to work with that fabulous bartender.

Daniela: Well, we arrived at Venice Cocktail Week not knowing exactly what we would organize, because of course, there were a lot of events around the city. We are a new product and Chris was saying, we didn’t even launch it yet.

So Cordusio still was still an idea for a lot of people. There was nothing about Cordusio. We were lucky enough to find Experimental Bar and Experimental team. Lorenzo and his team, they were amazing. They just get the brand. We presented a bottle and they started to give us a lot of ideas.

They just understood how this product. How it was going to work and they gave us the idea about the launch menu. They put us in contact with the chef there and we started to work at this amazing menu that you, I’m sure you tasted.

Then of course, we also wanted to show Cordusio where it belongs – during the night life, the aperitivo. Lorenzo was working with this list of cocktails. We gave to him a couple of tips about how we wanted to see Cordusio. Of course, we have our Cordusio and Tonic as one of our best proposal, let’s say proposition. Then he proposed to us a lot about different ideas.

One of the drink that you tasted during that night was made by Martina Bonci. She’s the head bartender of Gucci Bar in Florence. You see a lot of new bartenders that I really appreciate and they’re doing an amazing job. And they gave to us a beautiful ideas about cocktail and how to serve Cordusio.

Yeah, Martina was also unbelievable. I mean, she took the bottle, she had a little taste. You can see the wheels turning and it’s like five seconds she turns around and whips up something that’s just unbelievable. It’s a fun story about the name also.

She made a cocktail and I said, what do you want to call this? And she said, oh, it’s only the first. Like as in this is only the first time that she tried it and I said The First Time, I love it. That’s the perfect cocktail name! That’s going on the drink strategy menu for sure.

That was the one that sold out very quickly at our aperitivo, but it’s really inspiring. I mean, Susan, you got a chance to taste some of this stuff, but there’s just so much, great bartender, craftsmen and crafts women can do with this. It’s really fun to see.

Susan: I, I feel like that’s kind of the perfect place to stop because it’s like right now, this interview, this is only the first time that you’re hearing about Cordusio. There will be so many more times that people will be hearing about Cordusio, because let me tell you, those drinks were amazing.

Both what Martina made and what Lorenzo. I love those guys there. I mean that event, every cocktail was just as good as the next one. It was really fantastic and I wish you guys so much luck with it. I don’t think that you’re going to need my luck because it a really great product and a great start, and I was so lucky to be introduced to it in one of my favorite cities in Italy.

Chris & Daniela: Oh, thank you so much. It means a lot to us. Thank you so much. Thanks.

Susan: Yes. Of course. Now I always end asking two questions, and so I know that not everyone can get Cordusio now, but once they have the bottle in their hands, can you give kind of a top tip for the home bartender who’s playing with it, both with Cordusio or any top or any tip for any cocktail that you think you found along the way with making cocktail?

Chris & Daniela: I think we’re going to say the same thing. Yes. We’re going to say the same word in 3, 2, 1. Ice!

Susan: It’s so funny. Everyone says ice. Everyone says ice.

Chris: The most important thing, and it’s the thing everyone always forgets for the home bartender, it’s critical. Yeah.

Susan: I love it. I love it. Now with Cordusio, say they just bought their bottle. What would you think, like the first cocktail that they make at home? Obviously, it’s really tough to make a Lorenzo cocktail, a Martina cocktail at home, but what would you think, how would you start playing with it?

Chris: Yeah, I’ll say with our Cordusio and Tonic, it’s so nice and easy. Works for everyone. Just say one part of Cordusio, fill the glass with ice, then top up with tonic water. Then you use a small raspberry on the top. It’s such a simple cocktail, but it’s so refreshing.

And even when you talk to really great sophisticated bartenders, once you have a sip of a Cordusio Tonic, you’re like, wow. Yep. That’s wonderful. it doesn’t have to be complicated. And if we may suggest something else, if you don’t have Tonic Water at home, just Cordusio Shakerato that’s it. Just with good ice, of course.

Susan: Okay. For those people who may not know what Shakerato means

Daniela: Of course. It means that you use one part of Cordusio, a lot of ice, put everything in your shaker, just shake really hard, Then it’s in a cold coupette in a cold glass, you serve it with nothing else. You really don’t need anything else. Even if you have like a lemon peel on the top, you can squeeze it, but that’s it.

Susan: That’s so simple and so delicious. Now, last question. If you could be anywhere drinking anything right now, what would that be and where would you. Why don’t we start with the lady, Daniela.

Daniela: Well, that’s a really nice question because of course I would love to go everywhere and drink at all the bars that I know and that I’ve been working with. But I used to live in Australia, Susan, so I used to live there in 2017. And now that I’m seeing a lot of different new bars, this new head of drink in Australia, led by an Italian because I’m seeing that Maybe Frank guys are doing an amazing job with Maybe Sammy also.

I would love to go there and see, because I used to work with Maybe Frank team. It was just like a pizza place, I have to say. Of course, great cocktails, but it was well known for pizza and now they are around the world, and I would love to go there and say hi to Stefano and his team and work and, and drink with them.

Susan: Of course now, Chris.

Chris & Daniela: Yeah, it’s a very difficult question. I want to think about going back to Tokyo or back to New York, but I’m going to be romantic and sentimental because I met my beautiful girlfriend, my beautiful Italian girl at a beach bar in Mykonos, Jackie O. I’m going to go right back to Jackie O where I literally fell in love, and, changed the course of my life. So I’ll go back to Mykonos.

Susan: Yes. If it weren’t for that drink, we might not be talking right here, right now.

Chris: Indeed.

Susan: Well, thank you guys so much. I wish you the best luck. You don’t need it. You’ve got a great, you’ve got a great team and great spirit, both Spirit inside and spirit


Chris & Daniela: Thank you so much, Susan. , if anybody listening or watching, would like to learn more, probably easiest place to get us is on Instagram at Cordusio Spirits. , our website, www Cordusio Yep. We’re on LinkedIn as well. Reach out even if we’re not distributed in your country yet. We’re coming. We’ll find a way.

Susan: Thank you both so much.

Chris & Daniela: Thank you Susan.

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