Charlotte Cook, Truman’s Brewery, London – How to be bold in your approach

Charlotte Cook, Truman’s Brewery, London  – How to be bold in your approach

People drink beer all the time, but how many can say that after drinking one IPA, their future was altered completely? Our next guest can. Charlotte Cook was on track for a career in law and, after that very sip of craft beer, she knew her life had changed. Now as Co-Lead Brewer at Truman’s Brewery, her vocabulary is filled with aeration, beta amylase, and fermentation kraeusen, instead of habeus corpus, subpoena, and pro tempore.

Establish in 1666 and once one of the most famous breweries in the world, Truman’s fell out of fashion in the 1980’s. Thanks to the renaissance in craft brewing, the brewery was re-established in 2010 and is going strong. After more than 8 years, I think we say that, with Charlotte as one of its brewers, the trial has ended and the case is closed!

Where you can hear me drinking next:

Back to spirits next week with a little dram of whiskey, more specifically Chivas Regal.

So you want to be a Brand ambassador, well it’s not easy, as our next guest found out when he applied to the Chivas Brand Ambassador program. You’ll find out what they put him through!

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