How to Make Festive Boozy Eggnog

How to Make Festive Boozy Eggnog

Turn to page 146 of A Lush Life Manual and you will know that when the holidays are here, the ginger vodka gets made! Why? So that it can go in my Gingersnap Punch, the adult version of boozy eggnog!

Gingersnap Punch

Boozy Eggnog is such a decadent treat and everyone has their own way of making it. These boozy eggnog recipes were shared by my favorite food and drinks bloggers, so they are the best you can find!

Each is made with a different spirits, so try one or more with whatever you have in the house. There is a vegan one at the end, plus one for boozy eggnog jello shots!

Boozy Eggnog Recipes

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