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Bluebird Chelsea this Christmas

Bluebird Chelsea has been transformed into Narnia with three new heated wooden chalets and a slew of Christmas decorations, making their courtyard even more inviting this holiday season. I felt as if I were whisked away to Chamonix, instead of right here on King’s Road.

Bluebird Chelsea 3

I had wanted to try their new Ketel One Christmas cocktail menu and brought along a few friends from out of town, who are a Ketel One-only crowd. It’s their vodka of choice and they don’t stray!  Bluebird has partnered with Ketel One to create a whole range of boozy holiday cocktails – so they were ecstatic.

Bluebird Chelsea 5

Instinctively we bundled ourselves under the warm blankets while the cocktails were being made, even though the heater made us feel toasty.  We first chose the Aslan Roar made with Ketel One, Ancho Reyes chilli liquor, lime and ginger ale.  Although a long drink filled with ice, the chilli immediately heats you up. It was that perfect blend of spicy and sweet and a perfect aperitic.

Bluebird Chelsea 1

The White Witch Martini was the next on our list! As you can see from the photo above, each of us had it a different way: one drank a Vesper, one had it shaken with both a twist and olives, as well as asking for the shaker ice on the side, and mine was dirty with a tad more vermouth than usual!  We put Matteo and his team to the test when we ordered, but each arrived to our exact specifications!

Bluebird Chelsea 2

Ah that perfect martini, seemingly so easy, but when done well, knocks the socks of you.  We didn’t want to leave our hut to go off to supper, but others were waiting for us. I’m definitely returning next week to try the sweeter Ketel One cocktails: The Edmond  – hot chocolate with Ketel One, honey, hazelnut and almond milk and the Tumnus Tipple, a hot spiced Ketel One and Tonic with cinnamon stick!

Bluebird Chelsea
350 King’s Road, London SW3 5UU
+44 020 7559 1000

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