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The Best Cocktail Bars in Morzine, France

A ski resort is not usually known for its cocktail creativity. Morzine is not just any ski resort. Cocktail Bars in Morzine stand alongside any of the great bars worldwide.

Our Lush Guide makes it easy for you to find what to drink and where to drink it, in either winter or summer!

Lush Guide to Morzine - Bars in Morzine

Cocktail Bars

Laury’s – 60 Route des Udrezants

Laury's, Morzine, France

Listen to Gareth Hayes, Bar Manager, introduce you to the coolest cocktail bar in town on the Lush Life Podcast.

Beanies – 116 Rue du Bourg

Beanies, Morzine, France

Coffee Bar by day, drinks bar at night – they truly take their espresso martini as seriously as any of the best cocktail bars in Morzine. Owner Abi Godbald is on the podcast to tell you how they got so good at it.

Village Igloo Avoriaz – Place du Téléphérique

Igloo, Avoriaz, France

Although not technically in Morzine – it just can’t be missed: On the slope of Avoriaz above Morzine – it’s super easy to get to – whether you ski down from the blue Arare slope or come by foot. It take 15 days to build it every season and you can enjoy cocktails, coffee, beer and even fondue if you reserve it beforehand.


Le Tremplin, 166 Taille de Mas du Pleney

Le Tremplin, Bars in Morzine, France

Literally at the bottom of the Pleney Gondola and/or the Blue Piste B or the Red Le Stade, come sundown, Tremplin is packed. You wouldn’t want it any other way. Serving everything you want and more.


Bec Jaune – Immeuble Le Schuss, 220 Route de la Combe À Zore

Bec Jaune, Morzine, France

Six different beers every week – by that I mean expressions. Don’t worry there is always a lager, ipa, and stout, then a few seasonal ones added for those who are willing to try something new!

IBEX Brewery – 153 Route des Grandes Alpes

You’ll see their bottles everywhere within Savoie Mont Blanc, but you’ll only be able to visit their brewery here in Morzine.  Don’t miss their dining evening every month!

Wine Bar

La Coup de Coeur – Route de la Plagne

Bars in Morzine - La Coup de Coeur

La Coup de Coeur’s wine cellar is as good as their cheese room! That is truly saying a lot. You can explore their international wine list, but, as a lover of Savoie wines, I would take the opportunity to try the local varietals.  Learn more about what they are on my Savoie Mont Blanc specific podcast! Then head down to choice local cheese from their insanely fabulous cheese room.

Local Spirits & Treats


Genepi, Bars in Morzine, France

It’s sold in every shop in Savoie Mont Blanc – touristy, gastronomic and market stall. There is a reason – you can’t get it anywhere else. It’s an herbal digestif made from steeping Artemsia flowers in a grain spirit. Artemsia can be picked in the summer and then the gorgeous liquid is ready to warm us up by winter time!

La Grange’s Spiced Rum – 60 Chemin de la Coutettaz

After your fabulous fondue, make sure you ask for a sampling of their homemade spiced rum – truly Christmas in a shot glass!

For more information on what to do in Morzine, head over to Best Bits Worldwide!


Lush Guide to Morzine, France

NB: I was the guest of the Savoie-Mont-Blanc Tourism Board and Morzine-Avoriaz Tourism I can’t thank them enough for introducing me to the area. My opinions are always my own.

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